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Go to the following websites for this weeks lab. Please save your labs as an .rft document and submit them. You should focus on the following in your write up:

1. Water, the universal solvent. Hydrogen bonding, the structure of water, ionic solutions and electrolytes.

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Physics Essay | Online Homework Help
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2. Ionic, Hydrogen and Covalent bonds and how they influence the biomolecules and homeostasis.

3. Solution chemistry, Solution chemistry and Solution chemistry i.e. from electrolytes to nerve impulses to muscle contraction, energy metabolism and digestion. It all depends on water, electrolytes and the electrons.

3. b. Why is pH important in solution chemistry and physiology?

4. What are proteins? Why is their shape and folding important.

5. What is DNA and why is it considered the code of Life.

Your report should be 1-2 pages, 12 font, space and 1/2, titled, strong intro. and good paragraph transition along with a strong conclusion and references. Address atomic/molecular structure and how it influences function.

Your report should be submitted in the drop box as a word doc. saved in rich text format (not docx) and should not contain the copying and pasting of others work.

A: Go to:

Journey into DNA
by Rick Groleau

Chances are you’ve seen an illustration of DNA’s double-helix structure and even pictures of the chromosomes that comprise the human genome. But where and how does the famous double helix fit into chromosomes, and how do chromosomes relate to the human body?

This exploration allows you to travel to the tiny world of DNA. Beginning with the body and ending with the atoms that make up a single DNA base, you’ll be able to zoom in to 15 different levels to see DNA’s relationship to us as a whole. Along the way you’ll also see the intricate bending and winding that takes place within a chromosome, which allows more than five feet of DNA to fit within the nucleus of a tiny cell.

Journey into DNA
(Links to an external site.)
Requires Flash
(Links to an external site.)

Journey into DNA
(Links to an external site.)

B. Go to:
Protein Syntheis:

Protein Structure:

Run the animation, read the text and study the diagrams. Pay attention to the positive and negative areas, electron clouds and the bond angle of water. The bond angle and polarity (+ & – areas) allow water to be a universal solvent and is why water is so vital to life.

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