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Make a presentation about earthquakes. It can be historical, active situation, earthquake preparedness, geologic, or educational. What are the three most important things that a presenter should consider when communicating technical ideas to an audience that may not have a science background? These three things are what YOU consider to be the most important, and therefore will be core parts of your presentation.

Choose on the kind of presentation you will make. It can be a newscast, educational article, infomercial, promotional video, podcast, vodcast, a documentary, or perhaps a public service announcement.

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Physical Geology Assignment | Custom Homework Help
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Please I would like the Educational Article.
Also please add visual aids or visuals thanks.!

The presentation will include six roles:
Anchor/Host – Coordinates the presentation, including introducing and summarizing, introducing experts, and providing emphasis and continuity.
Geologist – Explains technical definitions, including, but not limited to such as tectonics, fault, and subduction. Explains what causes earthquakes.
Seismologist – Describes how earthquakes are measured, including instruments, techniques, and magnitude and intensity scales.
Historian – Knows about major historical earthquakes, the destruction that they caused, and their social consequences. Could provide a history of seismology.
Geographer – Concentrates on the location of earthquakes. Explains which regions of the world are prone to earthquakes and provides details of recent earthquakes associated with tsunami devastation.
Disaster Response Team – Introduces appropriate government agencies and furnishes viewers with practical information about preparation and recovery.
Other – [Optional] You may include additional roles such as local residents and city officials.
The persons are fictitious, you can give them names and a personality in your presentation. You can act out the roles and voices yourself, or ask someone to participate.
Each role will require you to research different information. Resources might include the Internet, online library, textbooks, magazine articles, videos, and interviews.
Each role may be used multiple times throughout the presentation to explain concepts or offer supporting information.
You will be responsible for deciding which of these sources is reliable.

Use your research notes to draft each role section of a script for the presentation and prepare any visual aids. Remember to include the anchor/host throughout the presentation.
Compile the final script, rehearse your presentation, and record it.
The presentation should be more than 4 minutes and preferably less than 6 minutes in length.

How comprehensive is the coverage?
Is the introduction effective?
Are the three major concepts clearly stated?
Is each concept fully covered?
What techniques or examples does each role use to emphasize points?
Is the technical content presented in an easily understandable way?
Are the visual aids used effectively? (key word: effectively)
Does the summary recap the three major points well?
Are all your resources from reputable resources and cited in the presentation?

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