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Task 1: Create an Outline for a One Act Play.

Outline the plot for a one-act play, along with the settings and characters. Submit the following answers in reference to the outline of the play.

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Outline a play Assignment | Get Paper Help
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Where does your play take place (setting/time period)?

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Who are your main characters? (List and describe at least your protagonist and antagonist.) Choose your key characters carefully (are they adding to the plot?). You may also list minor characters. You will need to write 1–2 sentence descriptions of each key character, including their age, gender, appearance, voice, and motivations/fears. You may also list “lesser” (relatively insignificant in moving the plot along) characters, with their descriptions typically being 5–10 words.

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Write description of your play’s plot in 10–12 sentences (“What happens?”, “What the conflict is?”, “How is it resolved?”, and so on). Also, give details of the structure of the play (pointing out where one scene ends and the next one begins, for instance). A one-act play would have 2–3 scenes, but you could choose to have more, especially if your plot requires it (for example, frequent changes of location).

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Explain what you believe are the themes of your play (the life lessons or the big ideas your audience may be left with).

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Explain in two or three sentences the “mood” of your play.

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Review/Critique your play outline or get a friend to review it according to the expected parameters.

(i) Assess the plot for (a) interestingness (b) inconsistencies (for example, a generous person cannot refuse money unless he has a motive that is revealed later in the plot) (c) credibility (ii) Assess your characters for (a) credibility and (b) interestingness

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Task 2: Rewriting the Plot and the Characters.

Rewrite the plot and characters based on your own/peer’s feedback. When you are done you should turn the assignment in.

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Task 3: Understanding Famous Plays.

Choose a famous play preferably by a 20th century playwright and read it online or otherwise. Discuss why the play is memorable, and how do the elements of plot , characterization and theme make the play readable and memorable.

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