Opposition Reflection Paper Assignment | College Homework Help

A reflective writing paper describes your intellectual and emotional reaction to topics presented in any of the course material. Do not give me a synopsis of the material.

The title page should reflect APA Publication manual standards. Please put your name, date and number on each reflective writing paper. The reflective writing paper should be four pages in length.
The paper should indicate that you have thought critically (intellectual reaction/s) about whether the material (readings, lectures, videotapes, experiential exercises, etc.,) has helped you to identify and challenge some of your attitudes, values, beliefs and prejudices about people who may be different from yourself. In particular, describe how the material expands your understanding of the way/s in which oppressive systems function.
The paper should describe any affective response(s) (emotional reaction/s) that you may experience as a result of being exposed to any of the material in the course. In particular, describe what impact your current attitudes, values, beliefs and prejudices might have on your social work practice.

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Opposition Reflection Paper Assignment | College Homework Help
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Sources: 1.Dr. John Henrik Clarke :A Great and mighty walk (video)
2. UCLA School of Public Affairs-Critical Race Theory (CRT) Article

3. Race: America’s Grand Challenge by Larry E. Davis University of Pittsburgh

4. Chavez, A.F., & Guido-DiBrito, F. (1999). Racial and ethnic identity and development. This reading is located at the following:URL:htp://www.isites.harvard.edu/fs/docs/icb.topic5 51690.files/Chavez and Guido Debrito.pdf

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