Observation Paper – Childhood Development Assignment | College Homework Help

You are required to watch the video below the instructions, “Child Observation THE 3 TO 4 YEAR OLD Learning Through Play”:

You are expected to identify the child’s level of ability in each area of development (physical: gross and fine motor, cognitive, language and psychosocial) as well as Parten’s different types of play (Table 11.2, p. 318). This assignment is worth 100 points and should be between 4-5 pages in length (cover and reference pages don’t count). APA format is needed.

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Observation Paper – Childhood Development Assignment | College Homework Help
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You will need to observe inside play and outside play. Take notes. Don’t interpret the behavior, make comments on it, or judge it, you need to capture all the details, be objective. Provide specific examples of what you observe, hear, see, etc.

You will write a report that includes information gathered from the observation and you research from your text and two additional resources (NO WIKIPEDIA) – See attached files for textbook pages to reference.
Your report must include the following:

Introduction to the paper, state what it will include and the purpose of the paper.
A definition/description of each domain area (physical, cognitive, psychosocial, etc.), with an explanation of typically expected skills, or an overview of what should occur during this period of development (address only the age range provided for you in the video). Make this comprehensive and not just the information you will find at the beginning of the chapters. Be sure to reference your textbook and your additional sources (NO Wikipedia).
Identify and define all Parten’s types of play. Make sure you address the importance of play promoting healthy child development. Identify the types of play you observed, provide details.
A description of the child (clothing, race, boy/girl, etc.) and the location. Describe the setting, set-up, items, toys, and the outside play area, equipment, and layout.
In a separate paragraph(s) identify the specific skills you believe the child demonstrated that fit in each developmental domain, (physical, cognitive, psychosocial) e.g., “In physical development, John demonstrated the following gross motor skills, he ran around the playground, rode a bicycle, and pumped his legs on the swing”.
Conclusion/summary – is the child typically developing for his/her age? Tell me about your experience (positive/negative). Do you have a different perspective in regards of play and child development? What did you learn?

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