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Instructions Create a health-related lesson plan for a population you serve. This can be for staff or students. There are 2 parts to this assignment: Part 1: The template (linked here): This is an outline of methods and formats used, not a detailed account. You will use the template as the basis for your paper, and also submit the template for grading. (See SAMPLE attached below.)See sample.

Part 2: The paper: The paper should be 2 pages in APA format and contain enough information to thoroughly cover the topics below. You must use correct APA format for this paper including a title page, proper citation within the paper, and a reference page (an abstract is not necessary). Mandatory sections: 1.Assessment – How did you determine a knowledge deficit of this topic for this particular population? 2.Objectives – Student-centered and written in SMART format, essential learning targets 3.Standards – You will need to reference at least one example of each of the 4 categories of standards below with both name and description: A. IL Professional Teaching Standards (standards for the teacher) B. IL School Nurse Standards (standards for the school nurse) C. IL Learning Standards for Physical Development and Health (standards for the student that most often relate to nursing care) D. IL Learning Standards for Social Emotional Learning (standards for the student) 4.Implementation Plan – Instructional methods to be used, instructional materials needed, step-by-step outline of teaching including interesting introduction and effective closure 5.Differentiation – How do you intend to meet the needs of the diverse learner? (Must cover this section, even if your actual lesson won’t be taught to diverse learners.) 6.Evaluation – How will you determine if learning took place? 7.Evidence – Cite 5 sources with diverse findings. May include your text books as a resource for no more than 2 of the sources. The other 3 sources must come from other texts or current peer-reviewed journal articles (within the last 5 years). APA format required for References section and lesson plan paper. I will attach lesson plan template to be completed with paper. I will also attach an example of how lesson plan and paper should look like. The textbook for this class is: School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text. 3rd Edition. Selekma, Shannon and Yonkaitis

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Nursing Assignment | Get Homework Help
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I have attached:
1. Lesson Plan Template
2. Example/Sample of how lesson Plan Template should look
3. Example/Sample of how paper should look



















·         Instructional methods & materials

·         Introduction

·         Outline

·         Closure






























Lesson Plan for Hands-Only CPR and AED

Amanda Goff

Illinois State University

Mennonite College of Nursing














According to the American Heart Association (AHA), there is legislation in 38 states, including Illinois, about teaching hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of automated external defibrillator (AED) in schools. Teaching hands-only CPR/AED in secondary schools is one of the PE/Health learning standards of the Illinois State Board of Education (2015).  This lesson plan will not only address the standard but also teach life skills to adolescents.  “Their ability to reason is both inductive and deductive and they can hypothesize and apply the principles of logic to situations never encountered before.”  (Bastable, 2014).  It is because of this developmental ability the adolescent is able to apply the concept and technique to scenarios enhancing this life skill.“According to the latest science, trainees—including school children—can achieve acceptable levels of CPR skills proficiency in 30 minutes or less.” (AHA, 2019)

I will be teaching hands-only CPR along with AED training to a freshman health class during their normal health class time.  This lesson will encompass the standards for the school nurse includingknowledge, human development and learning, assessment and evaluation, and communication. (ISBE, 2017)The objectives utilizesthe SMART rule (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely).

The introduction includes an opening videoand open-ended questions and discussion to serve as motivational incentive. In the video a high school studentwho collapsed while playing volleyball, required CPR, and an AED, that ultimately saved her life. I found this video hoping to debunk the adolescent social thinking that Bastable (2014) identifies as the personal fable.“The personal fable leads adolescents to believe that they are invulnerable-other people grow old and die, but not them” (Bastable, 2014). Then I willenhance motivational learning by using open-ended questionsto facilitate discussion about CPR and AED.  Open-ended questions such as the following will assist me in assessing the needs of the learners: Can you tell me where you have seen AEDs?  Where are the AEDS located at our school? What would you do in this situation? Can you tell me where you have seen AEDs?  Where are the AEDS located at our school? What would you do in this situation?

After gaining more insight to the student’s current knowledge, I will then give a short presentation about how to respond to a witness and unwitnessed collapse of a victim.The video,Learn Hands-Only CPR (AHA), will follow the presentation.The lecture will continue addressing how to perform effective chest compressions and how to use an AED.The next video incorporates humor and includes a celebrity as the spokesperson in the scenario.  Both videos are delivering the same message, thus reinforcing learning.

Before giving the student the opportunity to practice on the manikins, I will demonstrate the proper technique of delivering effecting compressions.  The students will then get into groups of two; each group will share a manikin, and practice compressions.  I will evaluate techniques offering praise when done appropriately and suggest measures to correct ineffective technique.  During this time, Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees will be playing overhead to assist students with the rate they should be performing hands-only CPR.  This song was playing in the previous videos for the same purpose.

We will all come back together as a group for the AED scenario, all students will have the opportunity to participate during the scenario.  The scenario takes place at school and is a witnessed collapse of an unresponsive student.  As the students work through the scenario together, I offer reflective prompts of lesson to assist the students.  Students are encouraged to verbalize what they are doing and talk to each other during the scenario.  After the scenario is completed, we will reconvene, as a group for a final discussion, there will be an opportunity for questions, and review.  Students will then take a posttest about AEDs.  Once the test is completed, we will grade them together and discuss the answers.

In closing, the final video puts it all together, skills, technique, application, results, while providing a teachable moment.  “A teachable moment can refer to any opportunity or event that can be used to help change behavior.” (Selekman, 2013).  The video demonstrates that hands-only CPR skills can truly save lives.  Itis about a three sisterswhose father experienced a cardiac event at home and survives because of the hands-only CPR skills one of his daughters learned in health class.  The family highlighted in the video attends school with the audience of this lesson plan.    Selekman (2013), states “school nurses can use events as teachable moments when individual or group is attuned to the situation, feels either vulnerable or in a position to make a change that could make a difference, and is more receptive to behavior change”. (p. 140).  This video functions as a summary to the lesson.  It reviews content, reinforces learning, and demonstrates practical application.

I will create a power point for this lesson plan with links to all of the videos.  This will help with organization, staying on task, and providean even flow of content.



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