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In this weeks’ video, you learned about ways to be accountable for daily exercise.  Which of the exercise methods described do you think you might adapt to your lifestyle?  How many times a week would you need to engage in this exercise to experience positive benefits?  Who might be your accountability partner; and who else might you inspire?


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Nursing Assignment | Essay Help Services
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  • This week you learned the benefits of exercise and how to incorporate fun movement into your day by watching several videos, completing a Sleep Journal, and achieving an 80% or higher on the self-check. Your final task is to consider how you can apply what you have learned by completing this week’s Mindfulness Reflection. For more information, download and review the
  • Type your reflection below, using the question you are answering as the section

header. Remember, you must answer all questions.

  • Paste a screen shot of your Mindfulness Self-Check score of 80% or higher below your answers. Be sure to include


Part 1 – Mindful Movement for the Nurse

Part 2 – Guided Walking Meditation

Part 3 – Benefits of Activity & 5-Minute Workout

Part 4 – 10-Minute Workout & Incorporating Activity Info Your Day




This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReflection

Required Criteria:
1. Describes the mindfulness activity
2. Explains how the activity could be used in their everyday life.
3. Uses two specific examples from the video to support writing.
4. Uses Standard English grammar and sentence structure.
5. Contains no more than 3 spelling or typographical errors.
6. Uses appropriate headers to organize reflection.
7. Writing demonstrates original thought without an over-reliance on the works of others.



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