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For this paper you must cite and reference 2 sources. The paper should be 2–3 pages and written using current APA format. Your paper should address the following:

  1. How would you prepare for the following situation?(provide realistic examples and details for safety and survival)

(Scenario) At this moment, you are sitting at home working on your WCU class. Suddenly, the National Weather Bureau sends an alert across your cell phone—a tornado is headed your way. You have 15 minutes before touchdown in your neighborhood. What is your plan? This is a ‘shelter in place’ scenario, you cannot outrun the tornado. Identify a safe place in your home to take shelter.

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Nursing Assignment | College Homework Help
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You must include research. Cite and reference two sources and explain the recommended safety measures in a tornado emergency and how you would apply them to your specific living arrangements.

  1. How prepared are you in the event of a disaster? Describe your level of disaster preparedness using specific examples and references to your “go-bag” and preparedness checklist assignments.

Example: “I am more prepared for a water-related disaster than a fire-related disaster even though I live in a highly secluded, forested area. I have a boat as transportation in the event of flooding, but I do not have rain barrels or fire barrier supplies on hand.”

Example:  “There were many missing items on my preparedness checklist. I realized that I do not own a flashlight. If I had to use my phone as a light it would drain the battery very quickly. 

  1. Reflect on how prepared you were before this class and compare it with how prepared you are now.
  • Have you acquired any new emergency items?
  • Do you plan to take any additional trainings or certification courses?
  • Have you shared your knowledge with friends and family?




  • Below are what is in my checklist. Use it to answer questions that requires it like what I have in my go bag.


  • Attached is my emergency kit. I have my toiletries, cloth, can food, applesauce, plate, wipes, trash bag, first aid kit, water, and mask. Things I would add is a radio, touch with batteries, whistle to call for help, get some mild analgesic like ibuprofen and vitamins (C) for immunity. I am going to add a comforter, and a sweater incase I get cold. I might even get a mobile charger (more than one) to keep my phone recharged. I will get all these in good quantities and making it portable for me. According to nasa, Texas is ranked first in the U.S. in the variety and frequency of natural disasters. Flooding, wildfires, tornados, hurricanes, hailstorms, sinkholes, erosion, and drought all occur in the state. My family resides in Maryland making it easier for me to prepare for any disaster. I am also willing to help my community in providing support to prepare for the disaster by educating those who do not know what to do and providing the best I can to some who do not have.

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