Narrative essay about my first job Assignment | Custom Essay Help

Please help me proofreading my essay. this is an essay about my first job. I need to use vivid words to describe the story, people, things, etc. Also please check my grammar, sentence structures, punctuation, word choice, etc. Thanks for your help.

Objectives: Students will use the writing process to write, in proper MLA format, a narrative essay, using appropriately chosen vivid details, organizational strategies, more complex sentence variety, and sufficiently correct grammar, punctuation, effective word choice, and style.

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Narrative essay about my first job Assignment | Custom Essay Help
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*Write a narrative essay in which you tell the story of a significant moment or event in your life that has shaped you.

*Tell a story that motivates, educates, entertains, and/or empowers.

Purpose:To narrate a significant event

Audience: Santa Ana College faculty and students

Sources: Secondary sources are not required.

Length: 2.5-3 pages

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