My first visit to palestine, Jersualem Assignment | Custom Essay Help

I would like it to be about my first time ever visiting palestine, jersualem in my whole life. my parents are originally from there but migrated 34 years ago to the united states. when i visted there it was my first time visiting the country and my other side of the family. include the art history of palestine. my family is originally from palestine, but i was born and raised in the states. my dad first emigrated to the united states before he met my mom. and he brought my mom to america with him on a marriage visa. they visited the country plenty of times and i was alway to little to go. until i got married and supported my self i got a ticket with my two kids to visit the country.


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My first visit to palestine, Jersualem Assignment | Custom Essay Help
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This research project acknowledges that there can never be just one story of art. Every art history has its own shape and every individual has her/his own story. Students will draw upon their own personal experiences and cultural histories to map the story of art in their lives. Your map will have two parts: 1) a black-and-white or color imagery that maps out your personal history and encounter with art; and 2) a 4-5 double spaced page essay (not including cover sheet or references) with your written reflection on your history of engagement and encounter with the arts (i.e., visual art and performing arts).


The history of your experiences with the artsshould cover your art encounters from preschool to your current level. It may include some famous art works, some not so famous, and even some non-art images that have tremendous meaning for you. Where you cannot find actual examples, you may recreate the experience through your own drawings or by using existing related images. What does your own map of experiences making and responding to art look like? What shape does it take? Use an organizing metaphor or a conceptual map that will symbolize the position of art in your life. Include as many details as possible in both the drawing and the essay.


Your map or chart should be no less than 22” X 28”poster board. The drawingsand pictures should be neatly arranged on your poster and clearly labelled with relevant information in such a way that will be self-explanatory to your viewer. You may use any medium that you are comfortable with for your drawings, but colored pencils are suggested. Try to make your map attractive and dense without a lot of blank spaces. For this assignment, a compact map with more detailed images, thoughtfully organized with clear information may be more effective in telling your story than a large map where images are scanty and scattered without appropriate labelling and explanation. Your map may be physically illustrated or created digitally using Photoshop® or other software. You will submit a copy of your map together with the accompanying essay to the instructor on Blackboard for grading and present it to the class on Webex as a PowerPoint document .


Your essay should thoroughly discuss the story and history of art in your life as illustrated with the imagery on your map. Be sure the font can be read easily. Put page numbers on each page. Double-space your text and use one-inch margins all around. If you use any references other than your memory, include a reference list in a standard style. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Manual), 6th edition, is the most commonly used style manual in art education. Although many students have learned to refer to MLA for questions on formatting, references and citations, and other matters of style, my preference is that you learn and use APA style.


This assignment is worth 20 points and will be evaluated according to the following rubric:


4 points

How clearly do your image and essay communicate your personal history of art? How neat, organized and creative has the map been presented?

4 points

How effectively do you use details, labels and descriptions to help the reader/viewer understand your experience?

4 points

How well does your conceptual structure, organizing metaphor,or conceptual map symbolize the position of art in your life?

4 points

How thoughtfully and detailed do you research your memories of early experiences making and/or responding to art?

4 points

How well do you manage the conventions of a college-level essay, including grammar and spelling, developing a strong opening paragraph, discussing your past and present art experiences, and bringing the essay to closure?


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