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Write a concert review. Follow the directions in the instructions pdf. ThecConcert link is mentioned in the beginning. Try to incorporate other sources mentioned in the pdf as well. (does not need to reference all)


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Music Assignment | Online Assignment Help
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Here’s the link to the concert: h0ps://
(Links to an external site.)
Here’s a write up from Vice about Gordon’s piece, and the remix
album: h0ps://
(Links to an external site.)
The remix album: h0ps://
(Links to an external site.)
In the Vice ar7cle there’s an excerpt of the piece played by a group
of Dutch percussionists (that performance isn’t amplified with the
contact mics). Also, if you do a li0le internet digging you might find
a performance that I was a part of at Princeton around the 7me I
finished grad school..
Check out some of the art that was happening in the downtown
New York scene where these composers were finding their
inspira7on. I men7oned Jean-Michel Basquiat, but there are plenty
of others.
The examples I played in class (some of which I skipped over
during the re-recording of it):
Velvet Underground “Sister Ray:”
the velvet underground – sister ray
(Links to an external site.)
Suicide “Ghost Rider:”
Suicide – Ghost Rider (1977)
(Links to an external site.)
DNA “Blonde Red Head:”
DNA – Blonde Red Head
(Links to an external site.)
Julius Eastman “Stay On It:”
Julius Eastman, "Stay On It"
(Links to an external site.)
David Lang “Chea7ng, Lying, Stealing:”
David Lang: Chea7ng, Lying, Stealing
(Links to an external site.)
Lang “So-Called Laws of Nature:”
PASIC 2011: So Percussion / "So-Called Laws of
Nature" by David Lang
(Links to an external site.)
Julia Wolfe “Dark Full Ride:”
Lef Edge Percussion: "Dark Full Ride" by Julia Wolfe
(Links to an external site.)
Gordon “Thou Shalt!/Thou Shalt Not!:”
Thou Shalt!/Thou Shalt Not!
(Links to an external site.)
Gordon “Four Kings Fight Five:”
Four Kings Fight Five

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