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MENC, in 1996, began to develop a research agenda to promote increased participation of all music educators engaging in research and to build upon past efforts to support the future of the profession. The three major areas for study identified were as follows:
1. Music Teaching and Learning in a Time of Innovation and Reform: Curriculum, Learning and Development, Assessment, and Teaching and Teacher Education
2. Music Education for New, Diverse, and Underserved Populations: Diversity and Inclusion, and School and Community
3. Supporting and Surrounding Issues: History, Research and Dissemination, and Advocacy.
Analyze “The Research Agenda for Music Education: Thinking Ahead” ( and choose one proposed question to explore from the above topics. Discuss historical trends in context of your topic and offer recommendations for teaching beyond Vision 2020. Examine the pedagogical and philosophical implications of your findings and explain how they have informed your teaching practice. Use 10 scholarly articles, books, dissertations, or other scholarly sources. The paper must also include a biblical reference.


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