Murder on a Sunday Morning Documentary Assignment | College Homework Help

You will need to watch a documentary called Murder on a Sunday Morning by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade. You need to answer all the questions in the file i have given you based on the documentary.

4 pages / 1100 words

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Murder on a Sunday Morning Documentary Assignment | College Homework Help
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Writing Assignment


Writing assignment is based on documentary “Murder on a Sunday Morning” initially release in 2001- Director Jean-Xavier de Lestrade.


It is your responsibility to locate and watch the documentary.


  1. Provide a strong one paragraph introduction to this assignment to include the specific objective of the paper


  1. Provide a summary of the documentary (two paragraphs)


  1. Identify and discuss three major issues/problems with the case as identified by the public defenders AND In your opinion, why is it important to address these issues/problems – in essence how do these issues/problems negatively impact our criminal justice system in general 4


  1. What is the third-degree interrogation and why the United States has shifted from it to embrace a psychological method? In address this question, you must engage the reader on what does the psychological method entails, who created/coined the method, etc. (cite your source APA style)


  1. Identify two criticisms of the psychological method of interrogation (cite your sources using APA style)


Minimum pages: 4 Maximum pages: 5

Specification: a. Times New Roman

  1. Font size: 12
  2. 1.5 spacing
  3. Coversheet: Name of the documentary: An analysis, your name, Dr. Barnaby, Introduction to Criminal Justice (Pol. 63) and date


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