Movie review/Jewish culture Assignment | Top Essay Writing

Select either of these and write a summary/reflection of an aspect of the video that you have found interesting.Yentl (1983)
The Chosen (1981)
Schindler’s List (1993)
Jakob the Liar (1999)
The Believer (2001)
The Focus (2001)
Noah (2014)
Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

GUIDELINES FOR GRADING WRITTEN MATERIAL: Professor wants quality and to see what we have to bring to the table.
Organization and focus (25 %):
 Inadequate (0-13 points): Essay lacks organization and does not focus on topic.
 Needs Improvement (14-17 points): Essay is difficult to follow, due to inadequate transitions
and/or rambling format; essay is poorly focused on topic.
 Adequate (18-21 points): Essay is easily followed; basic transitions and a structured format are
generally used; the essay is generally focused on the topic.
 Very good- excellent (22-25 points): Creative transitions and an excellent format and structure
are used throughout; essay is entirely focused on the topic.
Mechanics, grammar and format (25 %):
 Inadequate (0-13 points): Sentences and paragraphs are difficult to read and understand due to
poor grammar or mechanics. Sources are not cited.
 Needs improvement (14-17 points): The essay contains numerous grammatical and mechanical
errors. Sources are cited incompletely or improperly.
 Adequate (18-21 points): The essay contains minimal grammatical or mechanical errors.
Sources are cited, but with some errors.
 Very good- excellent (22-25 points): The essay is clear and concise and contains few or no
significant grammatical or mechanical errors. Sources are cited completely.
Content (25 %):
Use of evidence (25 points max)
 Inadequate (0-13 points): Little or no attempt is made to use evidence at all; evidence is used
 Needs improvement (14-17 points): Evidence is used, but some evidence is inaccurate,
misleading, insufficiently described, or not appropriate to topic.
 Adequate (18-21 points): Evidence is generally accurate, adequately described and germane to
the topic.
 Very good- excellent (22-25 points): Essay shows careful and judicious use and explanation of
evidence that is appropriate to the topic.
Critical assessment and argumentation (25 %):
 Inadequate (0-13 points): No original thought, no apparent thesis, counter arguments not
 Needs Improvement (14-17 points): Shallow analysis of evidence; uses undeveloped ideas and
generalizations; thesis is not clear, counter-arguments are not mentioned.
 Adequate (18-21 points): Develops an argument supported by some analysis of evidence; thesis is
clear; no significant use of counter-arguments.
 Very good–excellent (22-25 points): Persuasive reasoning is consistently used to develop and
support an original thesis; evidence is analyzed thoroughly and creatively; counter-argument

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Movie review/Jewish culture Assignment | Top Essay Writing
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