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On pages 168-170 in our text (Dean, 2012), you will see a matrix which is entitled, “Key Instructional Practices for Teaching Types of Knowledge.” Listed on the column is the type of knowledge to be taught, while the middle column focuses on the key instructional practices necessary for that specific type of knowledge. The third column identifies the specific strategies that support each of the various types of knowledge to be taught.

The value of this matrix is that it coordinates the knowledge with the practices, which then align with the various strategies.

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Monitoring Learning Goals Assignment | Get Paper Help
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To become more familiar with this matrix, make arrangements to visit Visit a classroom in your school or, if you are not currently in a school, make arrangements to visit a classroom in a school nearby. Before going into the classroom;

Meet with the teacher to explain your assignment and ask the teacher to identify which of the five Types of Knowledge (in the far left column) will you observe being taught.
Review the matrix for familiarity and what you will be looking for in the center column.
While in the classroom and in a format of your choosing, take notes of what you see the teacher and students doing and determine if the Type of Knowledge is/was being taught.
Look at the Key Instructional Practices (center column) and determine whether or not the teacher has met all the practices listed in this column. Justify your findings with statements or classroom actions that indicate this practice was/was not met.
After you have observed the teacher, in four or five well-written paragraphs, comment on the questions below.

What Type of Knowledge did the teacher tell you s/he would be using?
What did you see happen in the classroom?
Did the teacher fulfill the Key Instructional Practices? How do you know? What indicators were present?
Of the Strategies that Support Teaching (far right column), which most closely resembled what you observed in the classroom?
If you were to teach this lesson, what would you differently?
What could you do to help the teacher better utilize the Key Instructional Practices listed in the center column of the matrix?

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