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Minorities and the Criminal Justice System

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Minorities and the Criminal Justice System

Why I Chose the Topic

The reason why this topic was selected was because minorities living in the United States are often secluded against by the criminal justice system. This paper discusses African Americans as they are one of the minority groups experiencing discrimination in society. They are labeled as inferiors and perpetrators.

Why isAfrican Americans Overrepresented in Crime Statistics?

The United States` criminal justicerecordsa higher number of African Americansas compared to the whites for various reasons. First, I believe that this group of individuals is overrepresented not because they highly offend the laws as compared to the other social groups, but because they are over-targeted. Generally, predictive policing forecasts transgression to happen in certain places, and hence the police’s resources are more concentrated toward arresting people in these areas (Sidanius, Davis &Ghani). In such, the police focus on neighborhoodsoccupied by African Americans. Therefore, crimes committed in these particular areas come to the attention of the police as compared to other regions (Sara et al. 2019). The media also contributes to the overrepresentation of this group of people.The media blames crime on ethnic identity. Insuch, it depicts black minority people as the actual perpetrators of violence hence leading to over targeting (Taylor, Guy-Walls, Wilkerson, &Addae, 2019).Though, crime is everywhere, this unequal reporting of crime cases leads to the disproportionate of black Americans in the crime figures.

The second reason why I believe that black Americansare overrepresented in crime statistics is due to structural mechanisms. As per Cintron, Dawkins, Gibson, & Hill, (2019), African Americans are socially and economically deprived, and as per society politics, poverty isparalleled with the illegaldrug trade and other forms of criminal activities. Other essential Structural mechanisms include welfare states, neoliberalism, and a retributivist approach to crime.

For instance, the shooting death of Trayvon Martin depicts the ill-treatment of black Americans by the criminal justice system. Martin was killed by a 28-year old white on his way home from a convenience store to buy candy and a nonalcoholic beverage (Margaret, 2019). The killing of unarmed Martin shows that the whites still have the notion that blacks are criminals, an idea propagated by the media and institutional policing.




















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