Medical Assistance in Dying for Patients with Mental Health Disorders Essay | Online Homework Help



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Medical Assistance in Dying for Patients with Mental Health Disorders Essay | Online Homework Help
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Short Essay

Answer the following questions in essay format, supporting your answers with references to the literature. Cite all sources used in your answers and include a reference list at the end. Your essay should be between 1000 and 1250 words (maximum 5 pages double-spaced), excluding the cover page and reference list. Use Times Roman, 12-point font.

  1. To what extent do Canadians have a “legal right to health care”?
  2. What are the legal issues around this question?
  3. What sources of law are relevant to answering this question?
  4. What is the current status of the law on this question?

These are the primary criteria that will be used to evaluate your written assignments:

  • Relevance: Does the completed assignment pertain to the topic chosen? Is the topic clearly related to the scenario and research question(s)?
  • Definition and precision of terms: Have you clearly defined the meaning of the terms used and have you used them consistently throughout the assignment?
  • Use of evidence: Do you support arguments with evidence from reliable sources (e.g., peer reviewed, published research articles)? Have you given credit for the ideas of others through proper citations and references? Do the majority of your citations refer to original research articles or course material? Have you evaluated the strengths and limitations of the sources used?
  • Accuracy of information: Have you clearly distinguished between supportable facts and your own opinions? Have you clearly distinguished between your opinions and the opinions of other authors? Do you accurately present the ideas of others?
  • Logical consistency: Does the assignment flow coherently from beginning to end? Is there consistency through the different sections of the assignment? Is there a clear link between the literature and the topic you are addressing? Have conclusions been based on evidence?
  • Clarity and completeness: Have you provided enough information for the reader to understand your “train of thought”? Have you avoided assumptions and biases? Have you avoided broad generalizations? Have you provided enough detail for another person to understand the evidence without reading it for themselves? Have you used a clear and concise writing style? Have you followed the instructions for the assignments?

Assignment 1: Short Essay and Critical Reflection

You are asked to write a short essay and prepare a critical reflection in which you demonstrate your understanding of two key themes discussed in the Module 1: Canadians’ right to health care and the organization of health professionals in Canada.  It is important that you construct a substantive and well-developed argument to support a position.

In your essay you should support your answers with evidence and reference to relevant literature, and case law. Cite all sources used in your answers, and include a reference list at the end.

This assignment is graded on a scale of 100 points. Students who receive 100 points will be assigned 20% of the final grade (10% for each part of the assignment). Up to 10% will be deducted for errors in grammar, spelling, incorrect or incomplete citations, and for errors in referencing according to APA style.



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