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Geodesy Odyssey Project

Part 1 and 2: 8-10 sentences summarizing notes about the history of geodetic survey techniques and land surveying using the process of triangulation.
Complete a triangulation calculation to measure the distance between actual objects in or near your home. Include a well-labeled diagram.

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Mathematics Assignment | Get Homework Help
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Part 3: Present research (essay or ppt). Include the role of trigonometry in geodesy. (about 500 words)
Part 4: In what other professions are problem-solving skills an advantage? (3-5 sentences) Part 5 using parts 1 and 2 only: basically gather everything you’ve already done and send it!

Answer these questions :

1. What discovers did you gain?
2. What was the most enjoyable aspect of the project?
3. What was the most challenging aspect of the project?
4. What surprised you about the process?
5. Did you learn new insights into principles or processes you have been using on a regular basis? Describe your moments of insight.

Use these links for research and please make sure to cite sources!




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