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The Ministry of Health wishes to estimate the prevalence of the Coronavirus in the Kenyan

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Management Assignment | Custom Homework Help
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population quickly and cost-effectively for high level response planning. While there are known

hotspots, senior officials suspect that asymptomatic transmission may have spread the virus far

beyond what is being captured through the targeted testing that is going on. This would pose a

major long-term health and economic crisis for Kenya if the actual infection rate exceeds 0.5

percent of the current population.

Required (Explain your reasoning in all cases)

  1. Develop a research question, objective, and hypothesis. (5 marks)
  2. Suggest a research design – specify all relevant elements. (7 marks)
  3. Describe an appropriate data collection and analysis procedure including tools, sample

size, data collection instrument, and data analysis procedures, and final inference.

Assume the Ministry can tolerate 3 percent error, and alpha of 5 percent. (13 marks)

  1. To what extent would your findings improve with the incorporation of some qualitative

interviews and focus group discussions? (5 marks)


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