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1. Instructions to complete the assignment (the video source and and reference is included in this attachment).
2. Since I do not have teaching/classroom experience, I have attached the project topic from another assignment I completed. The project topic is based on the observation I did on my nephew and his interests (significant points are highlighted in yellow). It also includes a web content of the directions the project could take (learning).
3. Please include an additional source for this assignment.

Project Planning: Brainstorming Ideas

In the last two months, many students in early childhood settings are participating in remote learning through ClassDojo during this lockdown due to COVID-19.  ClassDojo makes it possible for educators, students, and caretakers/parents to connect through the app for learning, communication, and sharing resources. More importantly, ClassDojo makes it possible for students to remain in contact with each other. For my week two assignment, I observed my five-year-old nephew in a class activity through ClassDojo. Since my nephew does not live with me, I asked my sister to use the FaceTime app to connect with him. Over the last few days, I have kept connecting with my nephew with his remote learning. I have observed many of the students have a great interest in making all kinds of shapes using various forms of arts and craft materials. Therefore, my suggested project topic is below.

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Making Learning Visible Assignment | Professional Writing Services
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Topic: Building a car with various forms of arts and crafts materials

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Prior Knowledge: Children, by nature, are curious and eagerly exploring their environments and materials. They are always figuring different ways of making things work to their advantage. Furthermore, children are driven by their interests and means of creative expression, “they learn how to express their feelings through art, drama, and storytelling” (Branscombe et al., 2014, p. 151). Kindergarten children are familiar with using various means of art materials; paper, markers, paint, glue, and scissors to create and construct desired art projects.



Branscombe, N., Burcham, J., Castle, K., Dorsey, A., Surbeck, E. & Taylor, J. (2014). Early childhood curriculum: A constructivist perspective (2nd ed.). New York, NY:


Some of the directions that the project would take are illustrated below.




















Making Learning Visible

Instruction for Assignment:

Respond to the following questions in 2-3 substantive paragraphs. Provide examples to support your responses.

  • How do the children in your classroom represent what they know? Describe both “traditional” and “non-traditional” examples of representation of knowledge that you have observed. What types of materials do children use to represent knowledge? If you are not currently in a classroom, consider the significant children in your life.
  • Watch the video The Color Investigation(Harvard Graduate School of Education Project Zero, 2014). How do you make learning visible in your classroom? If applicable, provide visual examples.
  • Develop a plan to enhance visible learning in your classroom or future classroom. What technology will you need? What could you do within a month and within six months?


Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.


Harvard Graduate School of Education Project Zero. (2014). The color investigation [Video file]. Retrieved from



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