Looking for Interview Participant (1) – Student whose Parent has studied abroad experience

Looking for student whose parent has studied abroad experience to complete this interview, by answer the questions on the sheet.

Influence of Parent(s) Studied Abroad on Children’s Decision Making

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Looking for Interview Participant (1) – Student whose Parent has studied abroad experience
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Interview Questions for Students Whose Parent(s) Studied Abroad



(where you and your parent(s) from)

  Which parent of you studied abroad:

(Father, mother, both?)


(where your parent(s) studied abroad)


(How long your parent(s) studied abroad)


(how many siblings you have)


(your parents’ current job)



  1. Do your parent(s) encourage you to study abroad? Would you consider their advice?


  1. What are the factors that might motivate you to study abroad? What are the benefits you would obtain from studying abroad?


  1. Do you believe your current learning method was inspired by your parents? How have their experience in studying abroad affect your current mode of study? Perhaps, in terms of the duration of study, type of books to read, or any other studying behavioral pattern.


  1. Do you exhibit different socializing behavior from your peers whose parents did not study abroad? What do your parents emphasize when it comes to behavior?


  1. How would you compare your upbringing and that of your peers? Do you think you were raised better or worse than them? Do you feel satisfied with your parent(s)’ style of childrearing in terms of emotional stability?


  1. Are there behaviors that your parents encourage or discourage? For example, dressing code, diet, kind of friends, etc.? Would you say their attitude towards these behaviors is associated with the fact that they studied abroad?


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