Lessons learned from the Wells Fargo customer account and related scandals Assignment | Essay Help Services

Case studies – For these, students are asked to summarize the available public information to describe the matter as a case study with lessons learned.
Research should identify, if possible, the nature, timing and extent of the inappropriate conduct, how it came to light, was investigated and resolved, enforcement actions and remediation efforts, the amounts involved, the victims and the impact on them, how the inappropriate conduct was perpetrated and control gaps or weaknesses that provided an opportunity for inappropriate conduct.
The objective of this assignment is to demonstrate the student’s ability to conduct research and create a document or presentation that summarizes, synthesizes and analyzes the key takeaways regarding specific cases and topics in forensic accounting, fraud risk management, business disputes or risk mitigation.
In preparing this Research Report, students should imagine that they have been asked to brief an executive-level supervisor on this topic.
Superficial reports, or those that merely recapitulate of news accounts or press releases will not be sufficient to receive full marks.
To receive full credit, you must synthesize one or more high-quality information sources to provide a succinct summary of the subject and bring your own analysis of the case using the themes and learning from the course.
Forensic accounting is in the news all the time. Students addressing current event-related topics are advised to remain objective and focused on the forensic accounting attributes.
Regardless of form, the reports should be “client-ready”. That is, well-written in error-free, articulate English. Typos and writing flaws significantly impact the perception of the quality of your work. Grades in this exercise will reflect that.
Research reports should be direct and to-the-point.
If your report is much shorter than 2,500, be sure that you have adequately addressed the topic.
An executive summary is recommended, but not required. Remember that it can be harder to write a report that is both substantive and concise than to write a long, wordy one.

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