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Any account of sovereignty that fails to deal with its aesthetic dimensions, overlooks one of the most important aspects of this concept’. Discuss.

Please see these files for guidance:
2. END OF SEMESTER Qs 2020 (updated) (dragged)
4. Professor’s Guidance
5. Kailin’s Outline

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Law Assignment | Professional Writing Services
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Please only use and reference the below sources, which are already all downloaded in the folder, NO OUTSIDE RESEARCH:
1. the article “Sovereignty between Law, Politics and Aesthetics,” in particular, the yellow highlighted parts
2. Martin Loughlin’s “The Erosion of Sovereignty”
3. Shakespeare’s Richard II (also online at
4. Kantorowicz’s “On the King’s Two Bodies”
5. Wendy Brown’s excerpt in “Walled States, Waning Sovereignty”
6. Hobbes’ excerpt in “Leviathan”
7. The frontispiece to Leviathan

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