Kim’s Convenience Show Review Assignment | Cheap Essay Help

In this assignment you will:
A) Choose a theatrical play or musical recording OR a film adaptation to watch from the list provided below OR one of your own choice (in this case I chose Kim’s Convenience on Netflix)
B) Look at the included Play/Movie Review outline (before you watch!!) to help you organize your ideas and help you know what to look for. This should only be jot notes.
C) Write your review of that production. (Ideally, we would all be watching live theatre and I’ve included some links to recorded theatre productions, but we will also be using movie adaptations that were originally born on a stage.)
D) Submit your completed Review outline AND completed Review in Google classroom.
What to write about:
A review should express ​your opinion​ about a production in order to persuade your readers to go and see the show or miss it entirely. There are many aspects of the show you can talk about. First and foremost you should introduce the production. Be specific about the details. When it was created? Who directed it? Who produced it? How successful was it?
Other aspects of the analysis can include the ​acting performances.​ You can comment specifically on characters and the actors who played them. What did you like about the performances? What did you not like? You can also think about the directing choices. How was the play/movie staged? Did you like choices the director made? What do you think the director’s vision for the show was? Did they execute this vision with the choices that were made?
Another important part of the production is the technical aspects of the show which include sound, lighting, costumes and sets as well as special effects. Did the technical aspects of the show enhance the production or take away from it? What specifically were you impressed with? What was disappointing?
To conclude your review, let your readers know if this is a production you recommend seeing and review why you think they should see it or miss it.

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Kim’s Convenience Show Review Assignment | Cheap Essay Help
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