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A.  Write an abstract (suggested length of 200–250 words) of the project you have selected. Include each of the following:
•   an IT business problem under investigation
•   a proposed solution
•   the project management concerns of concurrently managing multiple projects and how you plan to allocate resources
•   the project stakeholders and an explanation of the needs of each  stakeholder group
•   the key points of your implementation proposal
•   the metrics you will use to measure the proposed and actual outcomes of this project

B.  Write a needs analysis for the project design and development phase. Include each  of the following:
•   the problem and its causes
•   the impact of the problem on each  identified stakeholder group
•   how the solution aligns with industry standards, laws, and regulations

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IT OPERATION MANAGEMENT Assignment | Professional Writing Services
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C.  Write a cost analysis for project design and development. Include each  of the following:
•  the itemized costs for hardware, software, licensing, time, labor, and total costs
•  a justification of these costs using research to support your claims

D.  Perform a risk assessment to include each  of the following:
•  the quantitative and qualitative risks associated with your solution
•  a cost/benefit analysis for each  risk
•  a completed “MSITM Capstone Risk Register” template attachment
•  an explanation how you would mitigate each of these risks

E.  Justify your approach to the problem you are solving.

F.  Write a project management plan to manage multiple projects concurrently. Include each  of the following:
•  the resources needed to design and execute the project
•  a justification of each  resource used in the project
•  your plans for allocating resources
•  the existing gaps that a successful project plans to fill and how this will impact other active projects

G.  Write a project plan to design, develop, test, and implement the solution that you chose. Include each  of the following:
•  scope
•  assumptions
•  project phases
•  timelines
•  dependencies
•  risk factors
•  important milestones
•  details of the project launch
•  an explanation of your strategy for implementation
•  documentation deliverables
•  hardware and software deliverables
•  how the final output will be assessed within an evaluation framework of industry standards, regulations, or other accepted criteria

H.  Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

I.  Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.

A.  Write a summary of the problem and the solution you proposed in Task 2.

B.   Write an evaluation of (i.e., perform quality assurance for) your project. Include each  of the following:
•  how you approached formative evaluation (quality assurance), including quality assurance criteria (the metrics that will measure the project’s success and actual results)
•  how you tested your solution
•  test cases and scenarios you used
•  the acceptance criteria and the evaluation framework (based on industry standards, regulations, or other acceptable criteria) that you used

C.  Write a review of your completed project. Include each of the following:
•   whether all  of your assumptions were resolved as expected
•   all  of the phases of the project
•   any  deviations in project timeframe
•   project dependencies
•   resource requirements
•   important project milestones reached based on the implementation strategy
•   what is being delivered to the company, such as hardware and software
•  which deliverables you plan to submit to document and explain your implementation plan

D.  Write an explanation of any  revisions you made based on the formative evaluation results.

E.  Write an explanation of your plan for summative evaluation.

F.  Write an explanation of which groups should receive specific reports and evaluation results (e.g., general information for stakeholders, high-level report for project sponsor), including how those reports and results will be disseminated.

G.   Write a postimplementation description of future support for the solution, including planned further upgrades. Include each for the following:
•  the resources needed for postimplementation support and how those resources will be obtained
•  a detailed plan for short- and long-term maintenance

H.   Write a postimplementation project summary. Include each  of the following:
•  the deliverables included to document the plan and process (e.g., samples or artifacts that provide evidence of the implementation)
•  the criteria and evaluation framework that your project successfully addressed for how you evaluated each  outcome
•  a justification of differences between proposed and actual outcomes
•  what you learned from the process of completing this project

I.  Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.


  • Style: APA
  • Number of pages: 30 pages/double spaced (8250 words)
  • Number of source/references: 4


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