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I need help writing an essay im not so good at this and its for an internship for the Miami-Dade Police Department. i would could really need assistance.

the question they gave me is, “Explain why are you seeking an internship with the Miami-Dade Police Department?”

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Internship essay Assignment | Top Essay Writing
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this is what i have:
I am seeking an internship with the Miami Dade police department so I can have a better view on what I would like to do as my career. I am majoring in criminal justice to hopefully become a crime scene investigator so I believe with this internship it will show me a path that I can mentally and physically be prepared for understanding the field more, interacting, and visualizing the situations that I will come upon in are world today as a crime scene investigator.

As a crime scene investigator I will be on the field at all times looking investigations, i will be checking out the scenes and collecting any information that is at that crime scene or any place in general.  I believe that the police department at Miami Dade will make me a stronger person and to make me aware of all my surroundings and be very visual of the world around me.

Seeking this internship inspire me to help others and to make others as well understand the difficulties that the Miami Police Department goes through in the situations they go through as well so they don’t take them for granted or disrespect because it’s a very serious job and a lot of people don’t understand that and I feel like if I learn this with professionals then maybe in the future I could probably help somebody out as well. As I apply for this internship I want to be a stronger more independent person for myself in the show others that sometimes you need to be pushed and go through drastic measures to finally figure out what you wanna do and how you want to succeed and you figured out by applying to something that people think that you can do. 

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