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NOTE: For all papers, make citations from cases and articles to support your arguments, be specific in your examples, develop a cogent, convincing argument, and use appropriate

Assignment #1: Digital Transformation and the Big Five

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Information Technology Assignment | College Homework Help
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Decide which of the big 5 tech companies described in the article “Tech ‘Frightful 5’ Will Dominate Digital Life for the Foreseeable Future”  takes most and best advantage of what’s referred to as “network effects”. Your paper should address one company and defend its position of dominance ahead of the others in terms of network effects.

Here are references that may help:

Rubric Earned/Max
Correctly argue for network effects being driver of success of selected platform x/3
Use appropriate references and platform terminology x/2
Cite details of the platform (revenue, features, services, etc.) x/2
Have references beyond those shared in class and assignments x/1
Writing is clear and concise; no grammar or spelling errors x/2

Notes: Make comments in keeping with the earned points in the Rubric.

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