Identify and evaluate your own approach in handling conflict.

Identify and evaluate your own approach in handling conflict with respect to communication skills, interaction style, and group interaction skill sets by addressing the questions outlined below. However, avoid simply answering each question separately. Develop a paper that answers the four questions below.Use examples of your behavior to support your claims.Use examples of your behavior to support your claims.Gaining a sense of responsibility for one’s own feelingsIncreasing perspective-taking skills, so that the other person’s perception of the situation can be better understoodLearning how to determine whether a conflict should be confronted or avoidedAvoiding destructive conflict patternsRecognizing motives in conflict situationsUnderstanding how relationships affect conflict behaviorRecognizing the variables that affect conflict (like power and trust) and how to respond to themAnalyzing conflicts so that a wider array of choices become availableIncreasing anger management skillsLearning to control verbal aggressivenessLearning how to ask others for changeIncreasing empathic listening skillsLearning to de-escalate destructive conflictLearning how to let go of grudges (forgiveness skills)Specific Skill for EnhancementSteps to be Taken to Improve ItMeans of AssessingI want to control my anger better in conflict situations.I will take a deep breath and let it out before I say anything.I will count to ten before saying anything.I will use “I” statements to express my feelings because shouting“I feel really angry about this!” at the top of my lungs sounds dopey.Is my accountability partner noticing fewer outbursts on my part?Have I felt more in control in conflict situations?Has my score changed on the Novato anger scale?I want to improve my ability to deal with a difficult person in my living area.I will find a way to “reframe” this person’s actions so that I can find something positive about them rather than thinking of them negatively.I will purposely think of an optimistic way of explaining this person’s behavior when I don’t understand it rather than finding a pessimistic reason for thinking s/he has acted a particular way.Am I able to remain patient with this person more easily than before?Am I finding ways not to be irritated by this person?Am I recording fewer conflicts with this person?I want to work on the habit of seeking to understand others first.I will not say things like, “You shouldn’t feel that way.”I will ask the other why he or she feels the way s/he does.I will make sure the other is finished talking before I explain how I see the situationDo my journal entries reflect a tendency to hear the other out before talking?Do others think I am becoming a better listener?Am I utilizing the habits of good listening outlined by Nichols and avoiding the habits of bad listening he identifies?Length: 5-7 pages (worksheet included – a minimum of three skills identified for enhancement (does not include assignment cover sheet and references)References: A minimum of 5 scholarly references is required.Your essay and worksheet should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

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Identify and evaluate your own approach in handling conflict.
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