Identify 3 Learning Components and list Competencies Acquired for each component Assignment | Get Paper Help

Examples are below:

Competencies are the skills and knowledge acquired based on a special set of learning conditions (formal education, workplace experience, informal environment, etc.). One definition of competency is:

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Identify 3 Learning Components and list Competencies Acquired for each component Assignment | Get Paper Help
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“A competency is an underlying characteristic that leads to successful performance. It may include knowledge and skills as well as bodies of knowledge and levels of motivation.” (

Each learning component should have a specific set of competencies acquired. A sample of how these competencies should be presented in the portfolio is provided below:

Learning Component: Marketing


· Surveyed current customers and determined buying characteristics by utilizing an online feedback form

· Determined target markets by employing a geographic and demographic analysis

· Wrote marketing objectives based on targeted markets

· Updated strategic marketing plan to reflect marketing objectives\

· Created and had approved budget for executing marketing plan

· Designed collaterals for mailing to target markets (document included in Appendix I)

· Designed ad layout and selected media (document included in Appendix I)

· Developed evaluation instrument for determining the success of the ad campaign,

· ….and so forth

Example 2
Learning Component: Computer Applications

Competency List:

· Completed tutorial for Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint

· Prepared department’s annual report in MS Word, utilizing charts created in Excel, and imported graphics for document enhancement

· Created a merge document from a merge list for mailing department’s annual report to 500 precincts

· Created a budget in Excel for use by department “X”

· Wrote macros for several elements of Excel budget

· Downloaded csv file to Access for an electronic department directory

· Created labels through Access for mailing department newsletter to 600 individuals

· Created 15 report in Access for distribution to department members

· Created 5 PowerPoint presentation on annual report which included the design of an original template in the master slide view

· Created logo in “Paint”

· Incorporated graphics and original logo into all PPT presentations

· Set up list serve

· Designed and distributed annual report as a pdf file through email

· . . .and so on

Example 3 Learning Component: Strategic Management

Competency List:

· Conducted an external organization audit with team

· Conducted and internal organization audit with team

· Developed objectives for where organization needs to be

· Wrote preliminary plan

· Developed a criteria checklist of where organization wants to be

· Distributed check list, analyzed data in SPSS

· Prepared budget with team for actualizing project

· Prepared time schedule for delivery of strategic plan

· Assigned responsibilities for plan

· Designed evaluation instrument to measure plan’s success

· . . .and so on

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