How will you be EVALUATING the results of your decision.

Management of Sport Organizations

  • You are the University athletic director. You must decide if you are going to play men’s and women’scollege basketball this year amid the COVID-19 virus.  The Big Ten Conference, Big XII Conference, PAC 12 Conference, Big East Conference, Mid-American Conference, Conference USA, Atlantic 10 Conference, American Athletic Conference, and Mountain West Conference among numerous other conferenceshave cancelled their seasons.  The Southeastern Conference (SEC), Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Atlantic Sun Conference, Big South Conference, Southern Conference, and Southwestern Conference are the only conferences that announced they intend to compete.  On September 15, 2020, as you left for work at 7 AM, the University President Dr. Kyle Marrero has called you and said he hates to give you short notice, but tomorrow morning the Sun Belt Conference Presidents must vote on whether to compete in men’s and women’s college basketball this season.  This means he needs you to start and finish this report tonight.  If you vote for basketball, then both the men and women must compete.

During the phone call, Dr. Marrero said he wants to be sure you consider the legal jeopardy that may exist for the University if the University or athletic department are found guilty of not providing a safe environment.  The University could be found to have had a duty of care that it was negligent in providing—and that may lead to costs the University and athletic department can’t handle which could lead to the end of the athletic department.  He said the Sun Belt Conference Commissioner would like to play, but that the Governor and Board of Regents as well as the President will be on board with whatever decision you make.  Dr. Marrero stressed that you should make the best decision for Georgia Southern.  At the time of Dr. Marrero’s call, COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise on campus to over 300 active cases and more than a dozen people including students, professors, and staff members have died since the start of the academic year.  Football games continue to be played although the crowds that attended the first several games with social distancing in place are no longer welcome to attend games.

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How will you be EVALUATING the results of your decision.
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When you go to assess your decision and complete your report to Dr. Marrero (note:  do NOT address it to him in the actual assignment), you will utilize POLE principles (Planning, Organization, Leadership, and Evaluation) of Management explaining what each term in the concept means from a management perspective as defined by the academic source.  NOTE:  Our book replaces Evaluation with Controlling and I do NOT want you to use Controlling so our textbook may not be a good source).

After your brief intro paragraph, you should provide a short background of the decision you face leaving out the long list of conferences.  This should be done in 1 or 2 brief paragraphs.  Then you will use the remaining portion of the body of your paper to provide some of the Planning thoughts you would have to account for in either announcing you plan on playing basketball or don’t plan on playing basketball this season.  You should mention some research you did on negligence and duty of care risk as well as risks associated with COVID since these were mentioned by Dr. Marrero.  Whether you are going forward with the season or not, you should note some of the ORGANIZATION considerations you’re accounting for based on things you see happening in sports now and cite and reference where you see ideas that would be part of organizing.  You should express how you are LEADING.  Whose input are you seeking, what interest groups are you considering, how are you taking the lead?  Finally, how will you be EVALUATING the results of your decision.  What is success and what is failure?

Your argument can’t rely on what you want to have happen.  You need to cite facts and make strong statements that are logical and support your decision.

Specifically, you will write an INTRODUCTION paragraph followed by a BODY OF THE PAPER that summarizes the info noted above.  You will include proper CITATIONS and references that indicate where you got the information about the law you’re examining as well as the information you share about the cases.  DO NOT USE HEADERS TO DIVIDE SECTIONS –They eat space and it will count against you.  The BODY OF THE PAPER should easily be the largest part of your paper.

  • You will include a section called THEORY TO PRACTICE that is two or three paragraphs in length explaining what you think would be most challenging about actually applying the POLE principle to this situation. Would you feel pressure?  From where?  Do you think exercises like this push you to think bigger to prepare you for tough decisions?
  • You will then offer a DISCUSSION of two paragraphs maximum that expresses your thoughts on what you learned about the negligence, duty of care, the people your deicison would impact, the POLE concept, and more. You will refer back to content you already presented in the body of this paper to justify or provide evidence for your opinion.  You will NOT provide new evidence/information here—just your opinion.
  • You will provide REFERENCES. They follow the discussion and match up with the citations.
  • The paper will likely be 6-7pages in length not including COVER PAGE and REFERENCES and appendices (if you wish to include appendices), but you can exceed this if necessary.
  • NO ABSTRACT should be included in the paper.
  • Everything must be in APA style.
  • You should use at least 8sources that support the facts in your paper. NOTE:  It will look very shady if all of your resources match those of your classmates and if you all pick the same sport.
  • Edit your paper in a thorough manner. Poor writing, jumbled and run-on sentences, and APA issues will deduct points from your paper.
  • DO NOT INCLUDE QUESTIONS.Your paper should answer questions!
  • DO NOT INCLUDE HEADERS (besides on the References page)

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