How does Gogol’s mixed cultural heritage define his ideas and experience of love?Assignment | Essay Help Services

Use qoutes from the book the namesake by Jumpha Lahiri and one paragraph use examples from the corona vision article document that i would provided to you. The essay most be one introdction 5 bpdy paragraph and the conclusion with a message that you learn.


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How does Gogol’s mixed cultural heritage define his ideas and experience of love?Assignment | Essay Help Services
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Prewriting 3:  The Research Paper


In Jhumpa Lahiri’s novel The Namesake the marriage of Ashima and Ashoke is arranged by their families.  The closest intimacy they share before their wedding is when Ashima steps briefly, secretly, into Ashoke’s shoes.  Gogol’s romantic encounters are different from what his parents experienced or expected for their son.  What draws Gogol to the various women in his life– Ruth, Maxine, and especially Moushumi?  Look over the novel and your class notes and highlight passages that treat these love relationships.  Let the following prompt guide your review:


Prompt:  How does Gogol’s mixed cultural heritage define his ideas and experience of love?


For your final research assignment, you will write an essay that responds to this same prompt.  To prepare for this project, you should revisit the text.  Below are a series of questions that will help you develop a strong argument for your essay.  Write your answers onto this worksheet.


Character sketch:  Gogol


  1. What is Gogol’s cultural background? How is it mixed?

Gogol’s family is from India. When Gogol’s parents married and moved to Boston, they did not look at the consequences that could follow. They were very traditional that when Gogol was born they followed their traditions like using a dog name and another real name. So when Gogol grew older he began to suffer a cultural shock since he wanted to fit into American society but also wanted to obey his parents




  1. Throughout the novel, Lahiri describes Gogol as a sad or melancholic character. Find two passages that present his unhappiness.  You may choose to use the same examples you discussed in your Prewriting Worksheet 2.  Note them here, including page numbers.
  2. “He is aware that his parents, and their friends, and the children of their friends, and all his own friends from high school, will never call him anything but Gogol.” 103


  1. He didn’t want to go home on the weekends, to go with them to pujos and Bengali parties, to remain unquestionably in their world” (126)






  1. How does Gogol’s mixed cultural identity influence his disappointment at each of the moments you listed under Question 2 (just above)? Write a sentence that describes the cultural aspect of each of the two moments that you listed above.
  2. Gogol has problems with his identity since his parents, being traditional, follow their traditions of their country and this throughout affected Gogol. His dog name is something that Gogol has disliked and causes him to cause identity problems. Even Gogol decided to change his name, but he knows that people who know him will still call him Gogol.
  3. The traditions of his parents greatly influence Gogol’s unhappiness since he tries to fit into American society but he knows that his parents are a problem since their traditions are different. So Gogol try not to go to his parents’ house much.






Relationship A:  Ashima and Ashoke


  1. Drawing upon your first essay for this class, briefly describe the nature of Ashima and Ashoke’s relationship. How did they meet?  Did they fall in love?  When and how?  Support your claim with a citation from The Namesake.


Ashima and Ashoke are originally  from Indian. According to the Indian traditions  most of the people have an  arranged married. So the marriage of Ashima and Ashoke was not an exception. Ashima  met  Ashoke  the first time when her parents introduced to her for the wedding. At the beginning they were not in real love because they didn’t know each other but with the time they start to fall in love. Ashima start to learn to cook Ashoke favorites food. Also they planne how they are going to  live in the future.”Ashima has decided to spend six months of her life in India, six months in the  Sates.It is a solitary, somewhat premature version of the future she and her husband had planned when he was alive.”(275) This quote shows how they were in love, because when you are in love of someone you want to planned your future with that  person


Relationship B:  Gogol and Moushumi


  1. Gogol and Moushumi are adults when they are reintroduced. Each has fallen in and out of love before.  Briefly note the main points of the relationships that defined Gogol and Moushumi before they were reintroduced.

Gogol  was

  1. What is Gogol looking for in Moushumi? Support your claim with a citation from The Namesake.

Gogol is looking in Moushumi have connection  to their  parents roots. “He is aware that together he and Moushumi are fulfilling a collective, deep-seated desire– because they’re both Bengali.”(224)


  1. What is Moushumi looking for in Gogol? Support your claim with a citation from The Namesake.

Moushumi is looking for comfort in Gogol after the love break he had. So Mushoumi seeks to get along with his parents.“ But their parents insist on inviting close to three hundred people, and serving Indian food, and providing easy parking for all.”(219)




CP 51 (Corona Version)

Essay 3:  Using Secondary Sources in a Research Paper


PROMPT:  In Jhumpa Lahiri’s novel The Namesake, how does Gogol’s mixed cultural heritage define his ideas and experience of love?


Once you have approval, please print out copies of each article.  On the top of each article, write down this information:

  • the author’s name
  • the title of the article (placed in quotation marks)
  • full title of the periodical (underlined)
  • the date of its publication
  • the page numbers of the article
  • the name of the database you used to access the article
  • the date you accessed the article



Now you should reread your two articles, looking for passages that correspond to your own notes on The Namesake as well as your responses to the various Prewriting Worksheets.  Some scholars will agree with your findings; others will disagree.  That’s alright.  You can still identify these points of contact in your research paper, whether they are moments of agreement or disagreement.


  1. Author and title of first article (“article title” in quotation marks):

“Diasporic language and identity in “Namesake.” by  Hamid Farahmandian, Atefeh Yousefi and Fatemeh Ghorbani Rizi.


     Write down short passage to cite in your paper (include page number):

“When Gogol meets Maxine and starts living with her family, he longs for the life they have. Maxine’s parents are in love and do not practice the rituals Gogol had to practice as a child although he did not like them.”


Do you agree with the author’s argument?  Why or why not?

I agree with the author,  Gogol wants to be part of American society, which is difficult for him due to the traditions of his parents. He is showing that he does not want to be part of Bengali Traditions


  1. Author and title of second article (“article title” in quotation marks):

“Being (and Feeling) Gogol:

Reading and Recognition in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake” by Tamara  Bhalla


Write down short passage to cite in your paper (include page number):


“The Namesake was “touching in a way” for how it portrayed the longing to “connect with your parents’ history,” but also how that can often be an alienating experience when “your reality at school or in college is changing” and “when [having] white friends shapes what you’re like and who you are and what you’re attracted to” (Nishi)”


Do you agree with the author’s argument?  Why or why not?

I am agree with the  author  because Gogol is suffering mix culture. So,  in some way Gogol try to connect to her parents roots but to  him  it is hard since he born in United States and live there is  different traditions which for him is a hard decision what to do or not.

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