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Research Essay – Part One– this is due June 4 and is worth 5% of your mark

This short assignment is to get you started thinking about your research paper (1000-1500 words due July 16). I would like to know your topic, what point of view or ‘argument, or point you are making in relation to your topic, and you will submit a preliminary bibliography.

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History Assignment | Get Paper Help
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  1. Topic
  1. What is your ‘argument’ – what point of view, or point are you making with this paper? Describe in two to three sentences.
  2. Provide a bibliography with at lease four sources that you intend to use. This can be revised as you get to work on your essay.

Sources: At least four sources EXCLUDING WIKIPEDIA. I will not consider this as a viable source. Although Wikipedia has come good articles, some are too general and are not considered to be academic. Ideally you should search for scholarly articles through the NIC Library website, but there are also articles in The Canadian Encyclopedia and The Dictionary of Canadian Biography sites. See what you can find in various museum sites.

Other Guidelines:

Citation Style: For the purposes of this paper, APA style is acceptable. Be sure that you understand what it is and how to use it before you begin writing your paper. The Library at NIC has complete resources to explain APA.

If you are accustomed to Chicago Manual style, then please use it. NIC guidelines again are on the Library website.

Possible Topics: Note that if you have an idea for a topic that is not listed hear, please review it with me first.

  • Were Jacques Cartier’s voyages to the New World a failure? The outcome?
  • Did women really possess significant power in New France? What was life like for women in New France?
  • What caused the fall of Huronia?
  • Why were the Acadians deported from Acadia?Was the expulsion of the Acadians by the British justified?
  • Was a “Canadian” identity really formed out of the War of 1812?
  • Indigenous peoples played a crucial role in the fur trade. Describe the many ways in which they facilitated both trade and exploration.
  • Explain the significance of Alexander MacKenzie’s explorations.
  • Outline why the Northwest Fur traders lost out to the HBC.
  • Did James Douglas prevent British Columbia from falling to the hands of the United States?
  • Examine the significance of George Vancouver’s exploration of present day British Columbia.
  • Explain why Upper and Lower Canada were most willing to unite, and yet the Maritimes were conflicted about Confederation?




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