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a- Native Americans :
How did colonists deal with Native Americans in New England and the Chesapeake? Were they able to co-exist? Were there differences in treatment between the regions? Explain and use examples from the text.
b- Life and Politics in Old England:
What problems, pressures, and succcesses led the English to create a North American empire?
c- English Civil War:
What impact did the English Civil War have on the British Colonies in the New World?
d- Problems in New England:
What problems were there for settlers in New England? How did they deal with these problems?
e- Maryland And Virginia:
How did Virginia and Maryland develop in the early years of settlement? What similarities and what differences were there between the two colonies \?
f- Early Obstacles:
What obstacles did English settlers in the Chesapeake face? How did they (or did they not) overcome these obstacles?
g- English Liberty:
What were the debates over the true meaning of freedom and “English Liberty” during the English Civil War? What was the lasting impact or importance of these debates?

Chaper 3
1- What place did they have in the colonies as the colonies grew? What did they want? What, other than just leave, did the English want the Native Americans to do? Why? What were some examples of their interactions with European settlers from this chapter?

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2- Many believed that the North American colonies were the best places for a poor man to live? What social, economic, and political factors went into that assertion?

3- How and why did the colonies grow economically in the 1600s? What ties were forged in this area with England and other European powers? What was the impact of this growth and these connections on the colonies?

4- What was changing and what stayed the same for women in the late 1600s? Why were there both positive and negative changes? What were they? Without a woman….could a man be successful in Colonial society? Without a man…could a woman be successful in Colonial society?

5- The colonies offered some people more freedoms and opportunities and other people fewer freedoms and opportunities as the 1600s came to a close? Why was this? Who benefits and who was hurt? Why?

6- How and why were the Colonies becoming more diverse? What specific issues arose because of this growing diversity?

7- What were the major social and political crises in the late 1600s? Why did they happen and what problems did they reveal about the American colonies?

8- Both religious groups viewed their settlements as holy experiments. How and why did they differ?


  • Number of pages: 3 pages/double spaced (825 words)
  • Number of source/references: 1


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