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At the completion of the course, students will write a summary of their assessment of an issue they find interesting or important regarding what they have learned about aging and the lives of older adults in the context of a major city in Latin America (approximately 1,000-2,000 words). The summary paper should cite at least two of the readings and two of the lectures but can be on any topic of their choosing that was discussed during the course.

Course lecture (zoom link) (choose 2)

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GERO Summary Paper Assignment | Online Assignment Help
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Course Readings: (2 readings from here)

Demographics and Socioeconomic Conditions of the Aging Population
• Donehower, Gretchen, Paulo Saad, and Tim Miller. 2013. “Colombia’s Ageing Future – Turning
Points and Policy Options: A Look Towards 2040 and Beyond. CELADE – Population Division 5:
• Pan American Health Organization. 2017. “Country Profiles: Colombia” in Health in the
Americas+, 2017 Edition. Summary: Regional Outlook and Country Profiles. Washington, D.C.:
PAHO: pg. 115-118.
• Jessel, Ella. 2017. “‘If I’m Stratum 3, That’s Who I Am’: Inside Bogotá’s Social Stratification
System.” The Guardian, November 9, 2017, sec. Cities.

Aging and the Environment
• Medina, Carlos, Leonardo Morales, and Jairo Nuñez. 2008. “Quality of Life in Urban
Neighborhoods in Colombia: The Cases of Bogotá and Medellín.” Borradores de Economia 536,
Banco de la Republica de Colombia.
• Lucumí, Diego I., Luis F. Gomez, Ross C. Brownson, and Diana C. Parra. 2015. “Social Capital,
Socioeconomic Status, and Health-Related Quality of Life among Older Adults in Bogotá
(Colombia).” Journal of Aging and Health 27 (4): 730–50.
• Bocarejo, Juan Pablo, Ingrid Joanna Portilla, Juan Miguel Velásquez, Mónica Natalia Cruz,
Andrés Peña, and Daniel Ricardo Oviedo. 2014. “An Innovative Transit System and Its Impact on Low Income Users: The Case of the Metrocable in Medellín.” Journal of Transport Geography 39: 49–61.
– Lotero Laura, Hurtado Rafael G., Floría Luis Mario, and Gómez-Gardeñes Jesús. 2016. “Rich Do Not Rise Early: Spatio-Temporal Patterns in the Mobility Networks of Different Socio-Economic Classes.” Royal Society Open Science 3 (10): 150654.

Food and Nutrition
• Chavarro-Carvajal, Diego, Carlos Reyes-Ortiz, Rafael Samper-Ternent, Antonio J. Arciniegas,
and Carlos Cano Gutierrez. 2015. “Nutritional Assessment and Factors Associated to Malnutrition in Older Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study in Bogotá, Colombia.” Journal of Aging and Health 27 (2): 304–19.

Social Protection
• Arza, C. 2017. “The expansion of economic protection for older adults in Latin America.”
United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research Working Paper 2017 (29); 3-22.

Health and Health Care
• Curcio, Carmen-Lucia, Alejandro Pineda, Paola Quintero, Ángela Rojas, Sandra Muñoz, and
Fernando Gómez. 2018. “Successful Aging in Colombia: The Role of Disease.” Gerontology and
Geriatric Medicine 4: 1-11.
• Cano Gutierrez, Carlos, Carlos Reyes-Ortiz, Miguel German Borda, and Antonio Arciniegas.
2016. “Self-Reported Vaccination in the Elderly: SABE Bogota Study, Colombia.” Colombia
Medica (Cali, Colombia) 47 (1): 25–30.
• Curcio, Carmen-Lucia, Guadalupe-Maria Henao, and Fernando Gomez. 2014. “Frailty among
Rural Elderly Adults.” BMC Geriatrics 14: 1-9.
• Gómez, Fernando, Carmen-Lucía Curcio, and Gustavo Duque. 2009. “Health Care for Older
Persons in Colombia: A Country Profile.” Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 57 (9): 1692–96.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia (ADRD)
• Vargas, Efraín Amaya, Ángela Magnolia Ríos Gallardo, Guillermo González Manrrique, Lina M
Murcia-Paredes, and María Consuelo Angarita Riaño. 2014. “Prevalence of Dementia in
Colombian Populations.” Dementia & Neuropsychologia 8 (4): 323–29.
• Lopera, F., Ardilla, A., Martínez, A., Madrigal, L., Arango-Viana, J., Lemere, C., … Kosik, K.
(1997). Clinical Features of Early-Onset Alzheimer Disease in a Large Kindred With an E280A Presenilin-1 Mutation. JAMA, 277(10), 793–799.
• García-Toro, M., Sánchez-Gómez, M., Madrigal Zapata, L., Lopera, F., & García-Toro, M. (2018). “In the flesh”: Narratives of family caregivers at risk of Early-onset Familial Alzheimer’s Disease. Dementia (London, England), 1471301218801501–1471301218801501.
• Reardon, S. (2018). Pioneering Alzheimer’s study in Colombia zeroes in on enigmatic protein. Nature, 555(7698), 567–568.
• Belluck, P. (2019, November 4). Why Didn’t She Get Alzheimer’s? The Answer Could Hold a Key to Fighting the Disease. Retrieved from

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