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Please review the document I have attached first. I have attached the previous work done that is needed as a basis for this. Already has 5 sources but need 3 more. It is on Texas region.

• Length: 4-5 pages (There needs to be at least one FULL sentence on the fifth page for the student to meet this length requirement).
• Format: APA Style, Times New Roman Font, 12 pt Font Size.
• The paper should include your assessment as well as an introduction and conclusion.
• Bibliography: Must contain 8 sources total and be in APA format.
• Parenthetical citations: Students MUST include parenthetical citations for every source included in the bibliography. Failure to do so will result in a zero for this part of the assignment.
• I suggest that you do not use direct quotes for these papers. I prefer for you to paraphrase.
• Each student will have a ONE LINE header at the top of the page that provides the student’s name and the region on which the paper focuses.

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Geography Assignment | Custom Homework Help
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Regional Report

Texas is considered an individual state amongst all the other states in the US. Its region’s culture is the most extraordinary because it has a direct link and connection to the past cowboy cultures (Soyer, 2019). The region is thought to be rich in a mix of both western and the native culture, and most of it is still visible to the moment. Texas is in a more arid region, and what is surprising is its economy. It manages to become the second-largest economy in the US. It manages to beat other sates despite the nature of its environment (Kaden,2018). The politics of the state have remained complex for an extended period. It is reported that it was an independent state while ago. This describes the nature of their politics. They are not always following the national perspective; they have their divide and stand for it. It has, therefore, defined the fact that they have been o the forefront in keeping the federal government on their toes (Paganetto, 2017).Some of the most important natural features of Texas include the great canyon, such as Palo Duro Canyon and most other natural bridges. Some of the most mind-blowing humanmade constructions are present in Texas, with Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Temple being one of them (Ozdil,2016). The most unique community that lives in Texas included the cowboys, and they have kept this legacy worldwide as the most unique o their kind. The traditions of the Texas residents have been practiced for long. The cultural heritage, which includes ranch farming, was successful due to the use of horses and will trained rangers (Mai, 2019). It made it possible for the culture to go on for several years such that it is treasured today and makes the region unique.




Kaden, T. (2018). American humanism and sociology of religion. In Humanismus und Soziologie (pp. 161-181). Springer VS, Wiesbaden.

Mai, A. T. (2019). Responding to the Emotional Needs of Resettled Refugees in the Context of Community Gardens (Doctoral dissertation).

Ozdil, T. R. (2016). The social value of urban landscapes: Performance study lessons from two iconic Texas projects. Landscape Architecture Frontiers4(2), 12-30.

Paganetto, L. (2017). Knowledge economy, information technologies, and growth. Routledge.

Soyer, M., Murphy, M., Ziyanak, S., &Gummersall, C. (2019). “Old Town Dentonites”: Community members’ competing constructions of hydraulic fracturing and land use in Denton, Texas. The Extractive Industries and Society6(4), 1333-1339.


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