Francis-Marie Arouet, aka. Voltaire (France) Assignment | Online Assignment Help

Present a 3-page research paper on Voltaire. How do their thoughts agree or disagree with yours? This is a broad topic, but remember what we said about the exploring many options. You have the option here to teach yourself and your reader more about the philosopher of your choosing from this week.

Remember, your personal philosophy is right for you, you do not have to agree with these scholars or anyone in the class. Please respect yourself, as a learner, enough to state your case, and others enough to allow them to state theirs.

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Francis-Marie Arouet, aka. Voltaire (France) Assignment | Online Assignment Help
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Pick a philosopher from the current unit and describe how that person’s view affects you and your culture. You may wish to ask: What is most interesting? Why did he think that way? What led him to his conclusions? How are his thoughts the same as mine? Do they fit into my culture? Why, or why not? How can his thoughts be used in the modern era, directly by you and your family? At work? You may come up with your own challenges and question too.

This is your paper. The topic is “Philosopher X” and you may take it from there. Do not just right a high-school level book report or biography. This is college; engage the reader in something interesting.

Assignment Guidelines

Write a fully APA-compliant 3- page paper for this Unit

You should include a reference page, with APA citations, at the end of your paper. This page is not part of the 3-pages of written work
Standard margins, 12-point font, New Times Roman or similar
Do not write less, do not write more
Be sure to read the assessment criteria before you begin writing
For more information on APA formatting:

Assessment Guidelines

Does the paper clearly identify the chosen Philosopher and give a brief explanation of why he was chosen?
Does the paper list similarities and differences between the Philosopher and writer?
Does the writer give at least two examples of the Philosopher’s thoughts or theories in a way that makes it clear to you what they are?
Presentation of reasonable argument for, or against, the logic of the thinker chosen.
APA and overall look and feel of the paper is college-level work

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