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Scenario Ms. Taylor is a senior at a small liberal arts college seeking her teaching certificate in elementary education. The student-teaching placements at this college are made at schools within the community-oriented public school district. The local town is supportive of the district administration both financially (e.g., approving property tax increases as needed to build new schools) as well as through community-led volunteer tutoring programs. The community also offers many group activities for children outside of school (e.g., sports leagues, conservation club, library club). Ms. Taylor is a student teacher in Mr. Branch’s room. She has planned a unit on baseball to combine the language arts, math, science, and social studies lessons that she will be teaching in two weeks. Mr. Branch has read through Ms. Taylor’s unit plans and thinks she has done a marvelous job with her planning and that the students will really enjoy learning through this unit. However, he has noted that Ms. Taylor has not made any adaptations in the unit assignments for the students with IEP or 504 plans. When Mr. Branch and Ms. Taylor meet to talk through her unit, Mr. Branch brings the following information with him about four students who are receiving special services: Ali: • Attends Title I reading tutoring three times a week • Immigrant, English language learner (ELL); is a capable speaker, but still working on reading and writing in English (second-grade level) • Needs written assignments and tests read aloud • Excels in math • Because of his cultural background, prefers collective or group-learning situations Beth: • Attends daily special education classes in math • Is working on two-digit addition and subtraction; knows multiplication facts (1–5) • Likes reading; reads on a fourth-grade level • Works well on assignments when tasks are broken down into smaller sections with two to three steps per section • Because of her cultural background, prefers to avoid individual public acknowledgment and performance 12 Case Studys s Robert: • Attends Title I reading and math tutoring three times a week • Doesn’t like to read; reads on a fourth-grade level • Knows basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts • Uses a wheelchair for mobility • Works well as the leader of a group activity and independently • Dynamic personality sometimes conceals learning challenges Shania: • Attends daily special education classes in reading and math • Doesn’t like to read; reads on a first-grade level • Is working on one-digit addition and subtraction • Only attends 1–1/2 hours of regular class instruction during science and social studies in the afternoons • Works diligently on any task assigned and completes it to the best of her ability • Because of her cultural background, prefers to learn from her elders (over text sources) and focuses on honoring them in multiple ways (e.g., by being hard- working, compliant, not asking questions) Mr. Branch suggests that he and Ms. Taylor try to adapt the unit assignments for these four students. He uses the introductory baseball card activity (see page 14 below) Ms. Taylor is going to use to open the unit as an example for the two of them to consider possible adaptations for the four students. ! Assignment 1. Review the Introduction to this Case Study Unit and all of the STAR Sheets. 2. Choose one student described in the scenario (Ali, Beth, Robert, or Shania) and answer the following questions in writing: A. Which student did you select? B. Why will the baseball card activity be beneficial for this student? C. How will this student’s strengths, challenges, and culture affect his or her performance on each section of the assignment? D. How would you adjust one section for this student? E. Which strategy(ies) did you use to make this adjustment? F. Why was this strategy (were these strategies) helpful? 3. Explain how Ms. Taylor can adjust the baseball card activity for each student to meet his or her individual needs.

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Fostering Student Accountability for Classroom Assignment | Get Homework Help
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