Foster Care and the Effect it has on Juvenile Delinquency Assignment | College Homework Help

1.Title page with abstract
A summary, introducing the reader to the proposal (about 100-200 words)
2. Literature review
You will need to find a minimum of 5 relevant and current social scientific sources (peer
reviewed articles and books). Our books and textbooks from other classes do not count, but you
can refer to them in addition to your 5 sources. Your review should synthesize and critique the
existing literature on your topic in a manner that demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of
the literature on your topic. (4-6 pages)
3. Rationale for the proposed study
This section concisely discusses what led to the development of this proposed study in terms of
why it is important and also its potential contributions. (1-2 pages)
4. Research questions and hypotheses
This section presents questions and hypotheses resulting from literature review and study
rationale. They should evolve logically from what is known and unknown about the topic. (1-2
5. Research design
You need to discuss data collection methods to be employed and provide a rationale for their use.
(2-3 pages)
6. Sampling plan
This section should outline your sampling design and explain why this strategy is best for your
project. (2-3 pages)
7. Addressing potential ethical issues
This section describes the procedures to be employed in order to reduce risks to human subjects
as well as the protocol to protect the confidentiality and privacy of individuals and/or institutions
involved in the study. (1-2 pages)
8. References
In APA style.

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Foster Care and the Effect it has on Juvenile Delinquency Assignment | College Homework Help
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