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This is a forum discussion and it requires a writer who is fluent in Public Administration The Writer also needs to have a source that verify Plagiarism and it needs to be cited with foot notes and have the capability of running it thru Turnitin. The writer should be fast reader and possibly has a hard copy of the book listed in the files. The paper needs to be Original and the writer I ask if they can submit it to me before the deadline just due to timing due on et. Please implement the load that I upload as use of evidence please provide a question that can be asked in a open ended question as relates to the subject.

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Forum Discussion Assignment | Cheap Essay Help
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The discussion needs to be in a forum no less than 500 words, make it relevant and provide a critical analysis.

In reviewing this module/week’s question, incorporate your understanding of economic development. Also consider any experiences and what you have observed in your community.

Select an economic development project in your community in Birmingham, Al.

The community is called Woodlawn

The project must have been implemented and/or completed within the past 10 years. Provide background about the project and the intended economic benefits.

In presenting your overview of the project, compare the project’s development process to the economic planning challenges outlined in Leigh and Blakely text, Chapter 1 -4.

To what degree did the community economic development project experience the transition in local planning? Discuss.

Also, based upon your understanding of Chapter 1 – 2 of the McDonald text, outline the causal theory that undergirds your jurisdiction’s development project. This is uploaded as an individual file

What has been identified as enhancing prospects for community sustainability?

Describe in detail the configuration of public, private, and not-for-profit sector linkages that proved instrumental in making your community’s project a reality?


Please high light all answers and requests so that I can see if I need any other edits .









ClassicalOrganizational Theory



Classical Organizational Theory

Classical Organizational Theory presents a systematic process through which bureaucracy can be made effective and efficient. It addresses the importance of management among managers in understanding all the current developments within their areas of operations to avoid any possible mistakes.  The classical organizational theoryalso provides behind the scenes that that can be used in the day-to-day activities while examining procedures undertaken and the policies implemented across different levels in America.  Besides, the exploration of Taylor’s and Webber’s development on the theory not provide an insightful categorization of the assumptions that are pertinent for organizational reservation but also for the creation of a holistic system that will address the significant concerns that affect the contemporary public administration and policy, and the information that citizens and students need to know about the impact of their decision-making. While the authors emphasize leadership, current events, and change makes the book, Fredrick W. Taylor and Max Weber provide an explicit examination of organizational behavior that makes a public administration ethical and compelling.

These theoretical proponents view organization management through different facets and functions for the realization of the intended outcome. For instance, Max Webber, as opposed to other organization theories, pays much attention to how power is used within such systems, especially among managers. The abuse of power has stalled several insightful operations and activities within the organization, and Weber holds that to reduce such abuse of authority, an organization must be run by rules and regulations known as bureaucracy.

The concept of administration ensures that every organization has a hierarchical structure depending on its formal authority. The scriptures reinforce the concept of power and authority in Romans 13:1, where it highlights that all people are subjective to governing bodies since God always establishes authorities present.The attrition asserts the importance of reasonable regulation supported by propelling power as opposed to the adoption of arbitrary acts. Max Weber stated that the existence of a holistic chain of command and division of labor depends on the important principles built around the organizational system.

On the other hand, as opposed to the principles of Max Weber, Taylor argues that for the expansion of productions in factories, there is a need for exploration of basic ways to boost the efficiency of employees, Motivating employees is seen as the primary sources of their success, as it increases their creativity and innovation. Similarly, Taylor adds that as the management faces questions like the most appropriate ways to constitute an appropriate way of addressing these issues and cohesive principles to be developed to ascertain the process. Therefore, Taylor developed insightful principles that formed the significance of scientific development and their success in organizational development. According to Tulsian & Pandey (2018), these principles coined by Taylor aims at ensuring the event of a mental revolution on the labor and management parts. Milakovich and Gordon (2013), through these principles, present the most current public administration applications and their significance in the success of any policy that can be initiated for the success of any organization.

The two books present the Public administration, and bureaucracy having notable features in American governance since the republic was founded. As these issues continue being a part of the American government, there have been different public opinions regarding the same. Such opinions seem to affect public trust and confidence in offering governmental solutions to the problems that the public faces, and these variations have been seen since the post-world war II era (Milakovich, 2013). From Psalms 75:7, God is the only one who is supposed to execute judgement. However, the public may not be able to watch as bureaucratic activities carried out by the government continue to destroy the economy, without acting. From the books, since the start of the 1970s, the support that the public had on Government and bureaucratic operations was reducing. The public agencies had been mandated with looking into the public interests, and their technical competence and professionalism as evident. Public agencies’ governance helped improve economic conditions by the 1980s; this started increasing the faith of the public on the government. Still, then these levels were lower than those observed in the 1960s.

From the books, public faith and trust in the government started varying in the 1990s. Throughout the twenty-first century, the faith and trust in the president and congress drastically reduced. From Romans 13:1, the scriptures talk about all people being subjective to governing bodies since God always establishes authorities present. But then, the public could not accept the American government’s rule while there was a significant deterioration in economic conditions. The government had spent money in Afghanistan and Iraq wars; the state was experiencing an energy crisis, economic recessions, an increase in public debt, and there was an incompetent executive leadership. This governance defines how a lack of wisdom by the ruling government can be disastrous. The only way to ensure that there is proper governance is by involving God who is the provider of wisdom, “Daniel 2:21, the scriptures talk about God as the changer of times and seasons, and that he is the one who can remove kings and set up others, giving wisdom and knowledge to those who have understanding.





To sum, Milakovich and Gordon compose fundamental theories that address the fate of workers. The style of presentation allows for intrinsic organizational management through the following essential principles.  However, the development of classical theory to revamp that management processes in an organization has provided remarkable management practices that can be used to attain positive results. Weber’s principle of bureaucracy and Taylor’s scientific management provided new methods in organizational systems.




Milakovich, M. E., & Gordon, G. J. (2013). Public administration in America. Cengage Learning.

Tulsian, P. C., & Pandey, V. (2018). Business organization and management. New Delhi: Pearson Education.

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