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Topic (( Impact of debt on firm Value )) we have to find 2 Articles \ Topics which has both dependent and independent variables for Part a ( Literature Review ) – we will write 600 words for each article .. total 1200 words
Name of the Student:
Student ID:
 This assignment must be completed by each student individually, and your answer to this assignment must be uploaded on Moodle through the assignment link by the due date.
 The answer to the below-given questions must be uploaded through the TurnitIn submission link. You must AVOID PLAGIARISM in your submission, any PLAGIARISM shall be reported to STUDENT AFFAIRS as an incident of ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT, and you will be awarded a ZERO grade.
 After the due date is passed, the normal deductions will apply for each day of delay as announced on Moodle.
1. Refer to the topic you have chosen for this course and do the following:
a. Write a literature review of 2 papers relevant to your topic. (Note: If you are working on the same topic, make sure that each student reviews 3 different papers).
b. Write a regression equation for the topic you have selected, by specifically explaining each component and variables of the equation. You must classify your variables into dependent and independent variables, and define them briefly.
i. How do you plan to measure each variable?
ii. What is the source of your data for each variable? Why did you choose this source?
iii. For what period are you collecting the data of those variables? Why so?
c. Use your data to generate descriptive statistics. Explain the descriptive statistics measures, and what those measures say about the distribution and dispersion of each of your variables.
d. Create a histogram for each of your variable, by using the binning range of your choice. What does the histogram tell us about the distribution of each of your variable?
e. Perform a regression analysis (or any other methodology you are using), and explain your results.
f. What conclusions can be drawn from your results? Recall your objectives and discuss whether your results are in line with the proposed objectives of your study. (Include the statement of your research questions and objectives here)
Important Notes:
Your work must include the following in a logically and graphically presentable manner.
a. Summary Statistics
b. Histograms
Your submission must include your results in the form of tables generated in Excel, followed by your discussions and comments.
Your must upload your excel file through a different link meant specifically for uploading your excel work.

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Finance Seminar Assignment | Custom Essay Help
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