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Assignment: Write a paper on your family’s historical and/or contemporary experience in the United States or elsewhere, focusing on the significance of natural resources in shaping the lives of family members including you. If you prefer, you may write on a friend’s or interview subject’s family history. It’s not necessary to present a strong thesis statement, but be sure you write a clear introduction and conclusion, and in both summarize the body of the paper. Length: 900 – 1,100 words Goal: This assignment is intended to get you to think about the personal significance of natural resources to you and your family, not to ask you to share anything that you feel is too private to share. Guidelines: There are no specific guidelines for how to structure your paper. But here are some suggestions: 1) Examine one or two key ways in which natural resources have played a part in your family’s history, for instance, in terms of work, recreation, health, migration, social position, or identity. You might start with a basic distinction between the roles that you and family members have played in relation to specific natural resources as producers (e.g. workers, farmers, business owners, investors, etc.) and consumers (e.g. users of goods and services such as food, gasoline, medicines, air, water, wilderness, etc.). 2) Discuss how your family’s relationships with natural resources have been shaped by and have influenced your own and/or your relatives’ identities in terms of culture, race, ethnicity, class, religion, gender, and so on. 3) Look at how connections with natural resources have created or limited social and economic opportunities for you and family members. You may want to situate this question within the context of specific historical and contemporary events that have shaped family experience. For instance, political and economic changes in China and Mexico in recent decades have had a great impact on agricultural regimes, which, in turn, have influenced the lives of millions in terms of economic opportunity, migration, family cohesion, etc. 4) Explore the ideas, feelings, and ethical positions that you and your family have about the environmental and social costs and benefits associated with different uses of natural resources. For instance, how do you feel about the mass use of petrochemicals or the designation of wilderness areas? Are there differences between yourself and other members of your family in this regard? If so, why? 5) Just tell the tale of your family’s coming to the United States or a specific event in that story. You may be amazed at the significance played by some particular natural resource in shaping that history. 6) Or talk to your GSI (or Ken) about ideas for the paper. Sources and Methods The best place to start is with your own knowledge and recollections. What do you think is important about natural resources to you and your relatives with respect to identity, how you relate to nature, friends, family, etc? Next, interview members of your extended family and others if you wish (especially those who are from older generations). Ask them to describe their experiences regarding specific events and the contexts in which those events occurred. Then ask about how they interpret, feel about, and understand the events in their own lives and those of other family members. You may choose to, but are not expected or required to, use resources such as articles, newspapers, books, works of creative art, etc. to situate your family’s experience historically. If you do this, use parenthetic references in MLA format [e.g., (DuBuys 208)]. See the writing and reference folder on bCourses in the resources area for an MLA style guide. In addition to citing outside published sources you use (if any), you should clearly indicate all sources of information you used in your paper by mentioning them at least briefly in the text and then including them in a reference list at the end. You could use formal citations for this (e.g. “personal conversation” type) or just mention “I talked to my grandmother, <name here>, on <date here> for about an hour,” for example. Then in your reference list at the end, you’d write, Interviewee Name, Date, “personal conversation” or similar. Format (important): See the formatting guidelines in the assignment section of the syllabus to learn about formatting and what data to include, such as word count.

I’ve attached the essay that my friend did. Could you paraphrase the whole thing? I wanna make sure that the essay doesn’t get flagged for plagiarism because I am gonna submit it to Turnitin. Please use the whole content of my friend’s essay and use the same timeline just paraphrase it. You are welcome to add additional content from my friend’s essay but make sure to use all the contents in my friend’s essay.

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