Expanding Dutch Bros coffee to the Czech Republic Assignment | Custom Essay Help

Each student will select a research topic that analyzes a current company that offers an international business opportunity. Students will be allowed to choose their companies on a first come first serve basis during the first-class session. The instructor will review the choices and approve or deny these choices based on relevance to the class and previous topics covered. Any company that has already been researched will not be available as a paper topic. The company must not have a current presence in the country of your choice. You must be the first to expand the company to this new country.

All papers must be typed: Times New Roman, font #12, double-spaced. The paper must be properly integrated into one single MS Word “.doc” file or a PDF file. Paper should be saved in Microsoft Word format / Not Word Perfect or Apple. The PowerPoint presentation should be saved as a “.ppt” file.

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Expanding Dutch Bros coffee to the Czech Republic Assignment | Custom Essay Help
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The following is a basic outline of information to be included in the company paper:

(ideally, identify a local company and set up an interview with firm executives)

An Abstract of, maximum, 200 words.
Introduction, explaining why you chose this particular company
(Company sounds interesting and reason, interested in working in the industry, possible stock purchase, etc.)

Industry, Company or Product background (Public or Privately owned? / Stock Symbol & 10yr stock graph)
List of major competitors both domestically & internationally
Other information, if available:
Who handles international operations? International Department? How many in the Dept.? (If possible, ask for an organizational chart of staff in this dept.)
Number of international markets currently being served
Percentage of revenues generated from international sales
Marketing or Management problems they have faced
SWOT analysis:
S – Strengths of the company (internal)

W – Weaknesses of the company (internal)

O – Opportunities in the environment (external)

T – Threats in the environment (external)

Conclusions and Actionable-Upon Recommendations
Job Opportunities in the company related to Intl. Bus. in Southern California or the area you are located in. (Where is their nearest office location?)
References section

Company Background

In 1992, two brothers, Dane and Travis Boersma, founded what is now called Dutch Bros Coffee.  They were of the Dutch descent and grew up in the dairy business in which they sold cows. Dane and Travis decided to purchase an espresso machine and began to make batches of coffee. They would hand out samples to those brave enough to try their coffee on the railroad tracks. Since then, they have become the largest, private drive-thru coffee company. They have their drive-thru services available in 393 locations spread between 7 states and have employed over 12,000 baristas. Their slogan is “spreading the Dutch luv,” and that’s exactly what you experience when you roll through one of their drive-thrus. You encounter the best attitudes and that “Dutch luv.” They have domestic and international competitors such as The Human Bean, Starbucks, Philz Coffee, and Dunkin Donuts to name a few. They have some major competition internationally since they have not opened shop in any other countries.





15 pages / 4125 words

3 sources required

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