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The writer should follow the instructions reading carefully. This assignment will be going to be followed by the Application assignment.


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EXECUTIVE DECISION-MAKING Assignment | Top Essay Writing
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IN-DEPTH PAPER ASSIGNMENT The topic of the in-depth paper for 830 is open provided

that the paper addresses the content and purpose of the 830 course. DEL 830 is a capstone course

soyour paper should reflect an integration of executive leadership as it relates to decision-

making. While the topic for the paper is your choice, remember that the application for 830 is

also, an integrated application for all of the DEL program outcomes and papers should present a

coherent assessment of the literature with respect to these outcomes. While it is not necessary for

the in-depth paper to connect directly with the application, you may want to give some

consideration to moving in this direction to provide a solid foundation for your application.

There are a variety of ways to address program outcome and thus a variety of ways to think

about the in-depth paper. Regardless of your focus, your in-depth paper should involve a

synthesis of the literature (a “deep dive” into your subject area) in support of a thesis state

statement for the paper. In addition to the five content items of the in-depth paper identified by

the DEL Learning Guide, your paper should have a sixth content item: identify how the 830

course, including the in-depth paper, may inform your leadership model and application. The in-

depth paper should be 14 to 16 pages in length excluding the table of contents and references

pages and should use APA v7 style guide. Your submission should include a Title Page,

Abstract, Body (Introduction, body and conclusion), and References. Be sure to use headings for

themes in the body of your paper. Refer to the APA Style and Grammar Guidelines online for v7

updates. The in-depth paper assignment is worth 30% of the course grade. Please ensure that you

are familiar with the DEL Learning Guide material on the in-depth paper.



  • Style: APA
  • Number of pages: 15 pages/double spaced (4125 words)
  • Number of source/references: 1


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