Ethics: Theories of Bentham, Kant, and Ross Assignment | Custom Homework Help

“Susan Smith is dying. The drug that would save her life is very expensive and is only available in one drugstore. Her husband Steven tries to borrow the money but is unable to do so. He already works two jobs to make ends meet and does not have time or energy for another job. He goes to the drugstore owner, explains that his wife is dying, and pleads with him to give him to drug for free or on credit. The owner is sympathetic but refuses, as the drug is expensive and the owner has a business to run and a family to feed. That night, Steven breaks into the drugstore and steals the drug.”
Do you believe that Steven was right to do what he did? Explain your reasoning, making sure to reference (in detail) the theories of Bentham, Kant, and Ross in your explanation.
Keep in mind the following:
1- 250 minimum
2- Is your point of view clear?
3- Have you given good reasons in support of your point of view?
4- If you have used any outside resources, have you cited them properly?

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Ethics: Theories of Bentham, Kant, and Ross Assignment | Custom Homework Help
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