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This assignment contain two separate parts. In the first part I need you to write a discussion and the second part I will send you a discussion and you have to respond to the discussion.
This is the first part description:
Consider the two different arguments about whether or not stay at home orders should be lifted prior to a vaccine being available for COVID -19. What are the ethical dilemmas involved? Describe both positions and which you support. Why, and how did you arrive at the conclusion? Write a minimum of 3 paragraphs.
so you have to answer the question above in the discussion form using my book chapter 12. I will send you a world document file which I copied chapter 12 from my book.
For the second part of my order:
I send you another world document name “discussion response”. when you click on the file you will see two different discussions from my classmates. I want you to write one paragraph for each discussion and response to their discussion. you have to use the same chapter 12 from our book.
I don’t need any citations, header, and a cover page. just start writing the discussion first and then the response to two discussions separately. each paragraph should be a minimum of 5 complete sentences. let me know if you have any questions. Thank you

Discussion One:

Hello professor and classmates,

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Ethics Discussion Forum Assignment | Get Paper Help
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This is such a tough question and topic. I do not completely agree with the stay at home orders being lifted prior to a vaccine being available for COVID-19. I understand we are all frustrated and want our normal lives back, but we must consider the individuals that are truly being affected by the pandemic. In the beginning of the stay at home orders, there was hardly any people out in the streets, and now that some counties have lifted their orders, I feel like people are taking advantage of it and are not following the rules. I recently saw a hiking trail that was closed down after opening up and all because the people decided to throw away their trash all over the hiking trail and not respect the social distancing by 6 feet rule.

Also, some of the ethical dilemmas that I have seen on the news and media are the doctors and medical staff having to make decisions on who will get a ventilator and get a better chance of surviving versus who will have to sacrifice their life and possibly die.  As we are all aware, there has been a shortage in medical supplies and protective equipment for the medical staff. There have been ethical dilemmas that come along with the shortages and the high demands of these things. It is truly saddening that doctors and nurses are having to chose who will get treated. For instance, will they give the ventilator to the elderly person with various health issues or will they chose to give it to the younger person with no previous health issues?

It goes both ways, doctors and staff are making tough decisions at the moment and I don’t think many of them are even thinking ethically because of how crazy this pandemic has gotten. It is really hard to say and put ourselves in their shoes. It is hard to see families suffer during this horrific time and having to see many people lose their loved ones. I support both sides as far as the medical staff and the patients and their families. Doctors and medical staff must act in the best way they possibly can during these tough times. I believe that every doctor and nurse are acting in an ethical manner, but we also have to keep in mind that they are possibly being overworked and are most likely super stressed during these tough times. I hope that everyone stays safe and healthy.




Discussion Two:

On whether or not the stay at home orders should be lifted prior to a vaccine available for COVID-19 is a hard decision to make. Staying at home and following the quarantine procedures helps to prevent hospitals from dealing with an overflow of COVID-19 patients and is meant to flatten the curve of the spread of this virus. At the same time however, these orders have made many people financially vulnerable. People have lost their jobs and businesses are taking a severe hit, such as Pier 1 Imports closing down all stores, and other stores such as Forever 21 and Gamestop closing down at least 100 stores each. Employment opportunities are extremely lacking during this time. Although social distancing is an act of solidarity to oneself and others, and is about reaching a common goal, it comes at a great cost of people being able to provide for themselves and their families.

Ethically speaking, if one action has a better outcome of less deaths and the other action has an outcome of more deaths then morally we’d choose the action that results in less deaths. We know that staying at home lowers the amount infected and resulting deaths, so the right thing to do would be to continue to stay at home and social distance. However, these stay at home orders have caused such a disruption in people’s daily lives. The biggest disruption of course is losing their jobs. The job losses leaves these people vulnerable. People are having a hard time paying their rent and mortgages and are now at risk of losing their homes. People’s livelihood are at risk now and it’s important to acknowledge this.

At the end of the day, I support the stay at home orders until a vaccine is available for COVID-19. This is because people’s lives are at stake. That is not something that can be replenished or replaced. Although people’s livelihood are in danger as a result of this pandemic and the following actions since, this is a time to come together and help each other get through this pandemic with as many lives as possible. This is history in the making and I believe the right thing to do is to try to protect the health of everyone as much as we can. Through public policy we can help get eviction protections and help those with mortgages but we can’t save lives from the virus through public policy alone. We need everyone to participate in the stay at home orders to come out of this event with less infected and less deaths.


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