Ethical issues associated with organ donation, specifically kidney donation Assignment | Professional Essay Writers

Pages 16-18 pages including references

References : As much as possible to substantiate your work

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Ethical issues associated with organ donation, specifically kidney donation Assignment | Professional Essay Writers
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Expectation: writing must command a clear and complete understanding of the subject . Exhibits

Extensive higher-level thinking skills. Use relevant resources/ literature to support your writing

and claims. You must pay attention to spelling and grammar.

Due date. 06/2/2020

Topic : Ethical issues associated with organ donation, specifically Kidney donation.

Use literature review to support your point.

The paper must be done in APA 6th edition, so in text citations, as well as a cover sheet and reference list of mainly primary sources mandatory inclusions

Introduction: Conveys understanding of the paper

Exquisitely States clear & appropriate thesis statement for assignment. Presents background of paper with evident literature support. States purpose of paper. States contents of paper. Captures reader’s attention.

Information Literacy: Selects Literature

Exquisitely Draws content from current & appropriate body of literature. Selects majority primary sources. Selects appropriate number of sources.

Information Literacy: Evaluates Literature
Exquisitely Demonstrates ability to access, use, and evaluate reliability and validity of information.

Information Literacy: Attributes sources
Exquisitely Uses information ethically (paraphrases, cites, quotes sources properly).

BODY/CONTENTS Analysis/Support /Reasoning: Develops paper
Exquisitely Uses data to support in-depth analysis of all aspects of topic. Represents other views. Follows assignment criteria

BODY/CONTENTS Analysis/Support /Reasoning: Processes paper
Exquisitely Evidences critical thinking/reasoning throughout analysis process. Supports rationale and significance of paper.

Conclusion/Recommendations: Integrates paper

Exquisitely Draws logical & original conclusions from analysis. Synthesizes information to evidence critical thinking & reflection. Recommends next steps to pursue/address topic area.

Conclusion/Recommendations: Applies paper
Exquisitely Presents/addresses implications for nursing (practice, education, research).

Writing Qualities: Organizes paper
Exquisitely Uses headings to clearly organize & delineate areas of discussion. Presents information logically. Sequences ideas to enhance meaning, overall cohesion, & readability.

Writing: Uses writing articulation techniques
Exquisitely Illustrates clarity, precision, & appropriate vocabulary. Focuses on topic & task. Uses minimal redundancy/ repetition.
Formal Writing Guidelines and APA Format: Presents Citations and References

Exquisitely Uses correct APA format to document and matches citations and referenc

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