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1000 words for each topic

Write an essay for each of the following (4) topics:

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1. It is often said that digital technologies are disruptive. How has the use of these technologies a) facilitated the rise of a network society, b) transformed the nature of the capitalist economy, c) affected the role of the state, and d) stimulated resistance against this new order?

2. The future of the internet and digital technologies is not one of emancipation and empowerment but control (including governance and surveillance) by corporations, corporate media, and the state.

3. How has the Global Justice movement contributed to an overall counterhegemonic project of and for global democratization? Discuss in regard to any four (4) of the following: a) the Zapatistas, b) the Occupy movement, c) the Indignados, d) Black Lives Matter, e) the Arab Spring, f) the Climate Justice movement, g) Idle No More, h) the Indigenous Environmental Network.

4. Make an argument for and against that digital technologies can improve the performance of our political dialogue, democratic institutions, and processes including political parties and election campaigns.

The use of brief quotations is encouraged.

Note: 3 sources each essay, please

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