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Essay must be at least 3 pages—roughly 3/4th of a page per question Please include at least one citation per essay question. websites are not appropriate academic references. single space

Essay 1 Questions

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Answer these questions in essay format, using the instructions provided in the Assignment Instructions folder.Review the Essay 1 Grading Rubric to see how your essay will be graded.


  1. In this question you will make up an experiment using classical conditioning. Please create an example using the following scenario.


Explain how you would evoke a startle response (reflex) using classical conditioning in an unsuspecting friend using an abnormal signal (produces the reflex). Describe your friend’s reflex response and a signal that will produce that reflex response; then choose another signal for the reflex and predict the outcome of using that signal. Clearly label the Unconditioned Stimulus (UCS), Unconditioned Response (UCR), Conditioned Stimulus (CS), and Conditioned Response (CR). Include a description of the setting and process for this hypothetical situation.  Below is an abbreviated example.


For example, every time your roommate opens the refrigerator door you make an alarm goes off on your phone and the roommate jumps. After this happens several times, the roommate will jump when they open the refrigerator door even without the alarm going off.


Signal (NS) Opening the refrigerator
UCS Sound of an alarm
UCR Jumps
CS Opens refrigerator
CR Jumps


  1. Describe how you would use operant conditioning, with a program of shaping, to get a messyroommate to make his/her bed neatly.Include and label the antecedent stimulus, response, and reinforcement of the changing program standards, and a method of self-regulation for the roommate.


  1. In a hypotheticalpsychology internship, you have encountered a child with destructive tendencies.She bites herself, her dog, and your bag of supplies.Being afraid for her safety and your own well-being, you institute a plan to change her behavior.Suggest a punishment, with her possible reactions to that punishment.Then, try substituting an alternative behavior by reinforcing an incompatible response.Label the antecedent stimulus for the biting response, Punishment I or II, escape or avoidance, and the reinforcement for the new named response.What do you consider to be the best theory or method for improving this child’s behavior?


  1. Give an example of a situation where you can model more effective behavior for someone whom you could positively influence.Describein detail: yourself (the model), the observer, the behavior, and the reinforcement using at least 5principles of Social Learning Theory.


This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 3.

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