Emergency Management: The Disaster Declarations of Covid-19 Assignment | Professional Writing Services

Research Question: Research and then describe all federal disaster declarations made by POTUS since Covid-19 began. Do they conflict with each other in any way(s)?
Further instructions:
Papers must be in # 12 font (Time New Roman or Arial); double spaced, paragraphs indented, one inch(1”) margins on all sides.

Paper development and research sources are required to be in APA format.

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Emergency Management: The Disaster Declarations of Covid-19 Assignment | Professional Writing Services
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Develop a “personal opinion statement” at the conclusion of your paper regarding your research and findings and in what ways (if any)these findings will or could impact daily lives or the economy.Note: Your abstract statement will serve as “page one” of your paper.

The title page at the beginning of the paper or reference page at the end do NOT count as a part of the 3 –5 page length requirement.

Grading Rubric: Maximum 60 points per assignment•
Fewer than three full pages of content –minus 10 points•
Improper formatting (not APA style) –minus 10 points•
No clear, concise introductory statement–minus 10 points•
No clear opinion statement within the conclusion and findings–minus 10 points•
Misspelled words or improper sentence structure –minus 10 points•
Improper paper layout, font size, spacing, etc. –minus 10 points

Comments from instructor about the assignment
*Your first paragraph should be your abstract statement. This would also comprise “page one” of the document. Be sure to provide an abstract statement in all research papers.
*Must use proper APA format. Must have a title page, Must have a abstract statement as a separate page of the document and references are included as a part of the body of the paper.

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Paper format
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