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Dress Codes in schools. an argument in favor of dress codes with supporting research facts including visuals. use sources to back up stance and for examples. will list number of sources as “any”

Must cite APA using 6th edition manual style as mentioned in instructions. the theme for the paper is Dress Codes.

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Signature Assignment for LA 415

Senior Research Seminar – Final Research Paper

Student Learning Outcome(s) Assessed:

Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate research and writing skills through exploring a contemporary issue in education, creating a scholarly paper, and presenting their findings to student colleagues.
  • Critically analyze the intersection between targeted historical and contemporary practices in education
  • Prepare and present scholarly information through the use of a power point lecture
  • Evaluate scholarly presentations of student colleagues, offering corrective feedback
  • Demonstrate content expertise in the educational issue being researched during open question and answer periods


Description of the Signature Assignment


The final project is centered on selection of an education-related issue from a list of possibilities (see addendum for expanded assignment details).  Written reports must include the following components:

  • Introduction and thesis (no abstract)
  • Historical context
  • Analysis of the issue (using sufficient supporting data)
  • Review of recent research and literature on the issue, including an interview with an “expert” in your selected area of research
  • Summary and call to action: Possible solutions/recommendations and best action steps to take regarding the issue
  • A complete list of sources (References)

Additional Directions for Students

The written project should fall in the range of 15-20 pages of text (excluding references and appendices) and follow APA style (6th edition). You should use some visual data in your paper, but anything beyond 2 pages should be put in an appendix at the end of the paper.The final written project will be due at the last class session.

See topics on the following page.







If you think of something that is not on this list, I am open to considering it.  At our first class meeting, you will be asked to select a topic (only one person per topic, so come prepared with alternatives). The specific thesis statement and title of your project must be presented to me no later than our second class session.


___ home schooling                            ___school funding                               ___college access


___learning disabilities                       ___low performing schools               ___teacher prep/credentialing


___poverty and education                                ___teacher burn-out                          ___testing/grading


___school safety                                  ___parent involvement                      ___extra-curricular activities


___private K-12 schools                     ___preschool                                       ___religion and public schools


___high school dropouts                   ___student transportation                 ___drugs at school


___school facilities                              ___dress codes                                    ___bilingual education


___teacher recruitment                    ___classroom management               ___physically disabled students


___administrative styles                     ___dealing with diversity                   ___school counseling/psychology


___student health                               ___student learning                            ___immigrant education


___K-12 curriculum                            ___No Child Left Behind                    ___evaluation of teachers


___rewarding good teaching            ___improving poor teaching             ___school meal/snack programs


___teacher unions                              ___ school segregation                      ___physical education


___charter schools                             ___field trips                                        ___student-teacher relationships


___high-performing schools in low-income neighborhoods                       ­­­___school discipline


___merit tenure                                  ___special education





Final Paper Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Research question
    2. Personal importance
    3. Target audience
  2. Historical Context
    1. When was the problem first identified?
    2. Proponents and critics
    3. Previous attempts at solutions
  • Research related to the Issue
    1. Associated Issues
    2. Associated Theory
    3. Related Data: Who, what, when, where, how
  1. Recommendations
    1. Arguments for and against change models (critical thinking)
    2. Evidence supporting recommendations
    3. What is surprising or complicating about the recommendations?
    4. What additional research is needed to confirm the recommendations?
  2. Conclusion


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